Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot visits Washington, D.C. Legalized pot and a progressive income tax face hurdles in Springfield. And Cubs fans boo the return of Addison Russell.

A stunning federal complaint charges City Hall’s most powerful alderman with attempted corruption while another alderman is charged with domestic abuse. And the Bears take on the defending Super Bowl champs.

Ald. Ed Burke’s fundraiser goes on despite FBI raids. Mayoral candidates duke it out in petition battles. The fate of three Chicago cops is in a judge’s hands. And the Bears take on the Rams.


Chicago’s most violent weekend in two years prompts criticism – and more cops on the streets. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorses “Jerry” McCarthy – and then Garry McCarthy – for mayor. And Sinclair Broadcasting will not have a home in Chicago.


The number of beat cops in Chicago is down despite a promised hiring surge, according to two new reports. We speak with two local journalists and the head of the police union.

Trump again takes aim at Chicago violence while Oprah mulls a presidential run. The Illinois Senate’s budget “grand bargain” hits a big snag. CPS may be cutting classes. And Northwestern’s buzzer beater could lead to the Big Dance.

It's official. Bruce Rauner is the 42nd Governor of Illinois. What will be his first steps as governor and how will he begin to rein in the crippling debt the state has become known for? We discuss this and more with our panel.

Carol Marin and her panel of political reporters and observers discuss the Illinois governor's race, pensions, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's relationship with the black community, and more.

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.

Yet another cost to privatizing the city's parking meters and garages: Chicago taxpayers may be on the hook for more than $200 million. 

Image credit: National Motorists Association

The mayor gets his wish--the governor signs the speed camera bill into law. Carol Marin and her panel have more on this and how the mayor has been able to get his way on many other things as well.

An examination by the Chicago News Cooperative says that despite the highly touted efforts by the mayor, many crime-ridden police districts still have fewer officers patrolling their streets than safer areas. We talk with a CNC reporter about the findings.