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After decades of decline, traffic fatalities have been climbing nationwide since 2014. Advocates said reducing speed limits is a relatively easy and high-impact intervention that will protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists alike.

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In 2003, the city of Chicago set out on an ambitious plan: to prepare downtown for the 21st century. Now, decades after the plan was released, the city is revisiting it to address current Chicagoans’ needs.

CTA free face mask dispenser. (Courtesy of Chicago Transit Authority)

Disposable mask dispensers are being installed on 200 buses serving 20 routes, including the No. 56 Milwaukee, No. 91 Austin and No. 77 Belmont. If successful, the program will expand to all bus routes, as well as to rail stations, the CTA said.

Metra's new Bike Car has distinctive paint and decals. (Metra / Facebook)

The transportation agency’s first-ever Bike Car makes its debut Saturday on the Milwaukee District North Line as part of a pilot program that will run through spring 2021.

A report from the Active Transportation Alliance says Chicago should develop a long-term e-scooter program across the entire city. 

The women’s Little 500 bike race on April 24, 2009. (Indiana Public Media / Flickr)

Inspired by a popular cinder track relay race at Indiana University Bloomington, and the 1979 dramedy “Breaking Away,” the Chicago Cinder Classic will set wheels spinning in Chicago this summer.

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Crash data for 2015 released this week by the Illinois Department of Transportation shows a rise in the number of reported “doorings” in Chicago – collisions that occur when the door of a parked vehicle is opened directly in the path of an oncoming cyclist.

Chicago's first Protected Bike Lane on Kinzie Street. (Chicago Bicycle Program / Flickr)

Four cyclists have been killed this summer in Chicago. Wednesday night, another was struck in a hit-and-run in the Loop. Join us for a discussion on bike safety with the advocacy director for the  Active Transportation Alliance.

Chicago's lakefront trail is a popular spot for cyclists, runners and walkers. (Eric Allix Rogers / Flickr)

As part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to improve Chicago parks, a revamped section of the lakefront trail was opened to the public Friday.

Chicago had its first cyclist fatality of 2015 just a few hours into the new year when 30-year-old Aimer Robledo was the victim of a hit-and-run on West Division Street.

Gas prices are soaring and so is outrage at the pump. What's the problem and are there any solutions? Carol Marin and her panel break it down.

Critical Mass

Does biking in large groups, like the monthly ride called Critical Mass, help or hurt cyclists and the cycling movement? We debate the issue and get some tips for riding in the city.