RACE: U.S. Senate

About the Candidate

Name: Robert “Bobby” Piton
Occupation: Owner, PreActive Investments Financial Management Firm
Political Experience: No prior experience. Running on a commission from God!
Website: www.bobbypiton.com

Candidate Statement

Hi. Bobby Piton here.

As a candidate for U.S. Senate that is focused on Americans‐first, and abiding by the U.S. Constitution, I have a proven track record of success. 

I am a first‐generation American (last of 10 children), and father of five, and I’m entering this race to restore government’s proper role in our lives; as servant not as master. As of now, we are treated as the servants of government. This must change and our U.S. Constitution must be restored. 

Corrupt politicians and their cronies have enacted policies that suck the life out of the people of Illinois. We are over‐worked, over‐taxed and over‐regulated and it shows. Our state is hemorrhaging people and we are 10% smaller than we should be based on the year 2000 as a starting point, or 1.8 million fewer residents, as a result of incompetent senators such as Duckworth. 

Duckworth was in favor of masking our children, even though no scientific proof existed it was the right thing to do, pushes racism through CRT, is in favor of sexualizing our children, and is OK with the slaughter of babies after they are born in botched abortions. (This is essentially that she is in support of infanticide). She is beyond corrupt, she is evil. 

I am running to restore sanity and fight for Our Values and Beliefs as a Judeo‐Christian Nation.  We are One Nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. It sure doesn’t feel like it right now, because of U.S. senators, such as Duckworth that appear to be selected and not elected by We the People of Illinois. Duckworth has relentlessly undermined our Foundations as a Nation.  

It’s time to change this and replace all corrupt politicians with God Loving Americans that simply want to live freely and do what is in their family’s best interest and future generations. 

So Help Us God.  

Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

To serve as a conduit for the Voice of the People of Illinois and to serve my God and Will of the People (One Spirit in Christ). God and our Values/Beliefs need to return to Politics.  Separation of Church and State was meant to curtail Government from entering Religion, not prevent Free, God-Loving People from entering Government.

For far too long, our Federal Government has abused the Rights of our State.  This abuse needs to be curtailed and I will strive to do my part to make this happen.

Illinois is about 1.7 million people smaller, since 2000, than it should be when compared to the population growth of the Nation. This has put significant strain on the existing infrastructure of the State and contributed to its demise.  Pro-Family and Pro-Growth Policies are needed to reverse this slide.

Flawed Federal Policies, Sanctuary Cities that violate the rights of our Citizens, and runaway trade deficits have led to a mass exodus of our citizens of the smallest counties in our State. Over half of the people that have moved out of IL are from the smallest 80 counties. These losses in population have disproportionately hurt the farm communities and contributed to the sale of our Farmland to “foreign” Nations. This needs to be reversed.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

The role of U.S. Senators is to evaluate Presidential nominees and oversee the Administration of the Federal Government through Judicial and Executive Posts. 

The existing US Senators of Illinois have failed us catastrophically.  They have pushed for and enacted legislation that stripped Illinoisans of their rights over time and in favor of Federal Power.  This approach and disdain for our Rights as a State have undermined our State Sovereignty.  This needs to be reversed. 

Legislation is needed to that will reward and incentivize America-first companies to re-establish businesses in the United States and in particular, Illinois.

De-Federalizing Education is a top priority; the People of Illinois should not have to send money to the Federal Government and then jump through hoops to get that money back.  The money that is allocated to Education by all levels of government should follow the Will of the Parent(s), not the State.  Each Parent needs to have their Freedom to Choose which school(s) are best for their children and the money allocated to each student should follow that choice. 

Furthermore, I intend to expose the voter fraud that has been allowed to suppress the will of Illinois voters for decades.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Economic Abuses occurring across all sectors of our Economy, in particular Oil Oligopoly. Globalist Corporations have hijacked common sense in Washington and led the curtailment of American energy serving the needs of the American People.

We the People own over $100 Trillion dollars’ worth of Natural Resources on Federal Lands. This works out to over $300,000 per American Citizen. I will pursue policies to establish individual Sovereign Wealth Fund accounts for each US citizen that will have monies from American Oil and Mineral Rights flow into these block chained accounts of American citizens.

Furthermore, drilling for Oil on Federal Lands and having those proceeds flow to the American People will crush the Global oil Cartel that manipulates oil price at the expense of the American People.

Every American should be made 100% whole on every dollar they paid into Social Security and should have the right to “opt out” and establish their own IRA /401(k) equivalent.  Based on the year of their birth, their family should be entitled to ANY and ALL benefits that were not paid out if they died before their life expectancy (in line with how much they paid in).  The Poor and Middle Class have been disproportionally HURT by Corrupt Politicians that have siphoned off Trillions from Social Security and funneled them up to “Big Donors” via Government Contracts. This needs to END.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

I am building out a US Constitutionalist Patriot Citizen Team as we speak to better facilitate the flow of information to the Office of US Senate for Illinois.  I am simply a conduit for this office and will treat Citizens of Illinois with the same level of respect they deserve and accountability that I afford my clients in the money management business.  My fiduciary responsibility is to my clients in my business and if elected to the US Senate, my fiduciary responsibility will be to All Illinoisans and restoring our State Rights.