RACE: U.S. Senate

About the Candidate

Name: Casey Chlebek
DOB: March 30, 1949
Occupation: Retired IT analyst
Political Experience: No public office, ran for U.S. Senate in 2020.  
Website: caseyforsenate.com
Twitter: @CaseySenate
Facebook: facebook.com/caseyforussenate/

Candidate Statement

My name is Casey Chlebek and I am running for the United States Senator.

Let me share my passion to preserve our democracy for the future generations. As young adult in the oppressive communist Poland, I and my family always saw and admired America for its sense of opportunity where by hard work one can achieve any dream. Now, in return for my successes, I would like to serve my country as the Senator of the United States.

When I arrived here, America was a shining beacon of freedom, and by large degree it still is, but we are witnessing today that the beacon is getting dimmer since our freedoms are under frontal attack by our own Government by establishing the Orwellian Ministry of Truth. The purpose of this body will be to hunt, punish or cancel all who disagree. Our speech and opinions will be censored and we will be labeled as domestic terrorists. At all costs, we must defend values, our way of life, our family, our religion, and our institutions from such destructive and corrosive ideologies as CRT.

Now we are faced with the inflation scourge which destroys our purchasing power caused by unstoppable money printing presses. This Modern Monetary Theory is preparing us for an economic disaster. The More Money Today approach is not the solution. The solution is to reduce taxes and regulations to help the private businesses to prosper. We must bring back to U.S. 8 million jobs and 50,000 factories from abroad and then we will not experience the supply chain problems.

What I will do for Illinois? I will designate in Illinois special economic zones for the most advanced technologies. 

Finally, we must stop getting into wars that nobody wants. We must guarantee peace through strength rather than by financing the wars. But first of all, let’s guarantee peace and prosperity and the border security of our own country first.
I want to tell all Illinois voters that I am Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, and I will fight you as Senator. I kindly ask for your Republican vote on June 28.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

To answer this question, I would like give two major reasons the voters should know why I am running: I have a passion to preserve our democracy for future generations because of the life I’ve lived. I was born in communist-controlled Poland. My family arrived in America with a distinct sense of opportunity. In America, I was able to earn an education, forge a business and raise a family. The opportunities I obtained must be available to any American who is willing to work to better themselves and our great Nation. When arriving to the shores of this Great Nation, all I saw was the land of bountiful opportunities, I saw America unstoppable on it’s mission to greatness. I saw that all I needed is just to have a DREAM. Today, even using this lofty language may be considered racist, or maybe even “canceled” when used in a public square. For the sake of 1% or lower of our population we decide to change the norms of behavior for the entire society. That is just insane! I have never dreamed that such a time of a breakdown in our society could ever be possible here and now in America. But indeed, it did happen.

Our concepts of freedom and liberty were hijacked under the camouflage of democracy by the delusional ideologies of CRT, BLM and ANTIFA, etc., all stemming from the Cultural Marxism taken to the extreme by the social engineers of the Frankfurt School. Today, I am on a new mission to stop this nonsense in America before it destroys us, before it destroys our civilization. Today, and to that end, I declare my pledge to the freedom loving Americans to fight all norms of Cultural Marxism.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

Although there is some room for the streamlining/improving the responsibility of the office of the Senator, but I believe that it does provide the elements of its purpose which is to represent the people, inform the public, organize committee hearings and produce legislation. I believe though that very special measures should be adopted when The President, Senate or the Congress decide to pass bills into law. Many a times we may realize that the bill that was put into practice has a very severe ramifications for the entire country. We ought to allow the bills to be reviewed based on the results at some pre-agreed elapse of time. If the results of the new law/bill prove to be to disastrous for the country, at a benchmark point such bills/laws legally allowed to be repealed. Case and point, the President by the executive order stopped oil/gas exploration and six month later we see gas prices going thru the roof and the economy of the entire countries suffers and all people suffer. Such experiments should be terminated by law to prevent further ruinous consequences.

Even on the State level, officials/boards who promote disastrous policies (e.g. DA’s) should be removed before serving entire term. We should built some prudence into the law making processes. On periodic basis we should also have an opportunity to re-examine rules and regulations of our institutions to insure that they operate to the expectations and the benefit of a modern society. Case and point, the rules of procedures for the Congress are adopted for every new session, but the rules for the Senate have remained continuous since 1789.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

There many issues which today must be addressed bring our life to norm. May be the most appropriate is to present to people of Illinois my legislative pledge which when elected I will purse to the best of my abilities. I know that it looks like a laundry list but it shows how daunting challenges we face today to make many wrongs right in our society. CASEY’S LEGISLATIVE PLEDGE AS THE U.S. SENATOR “TO SAVE AMERICA AND THE REPUBLIC” NO TO CRIME!, NO TO RIOTING!, NO TO LOOTING!, NO TO INFLATION! NO TO HIGHER TAXES! NO TO UNCONTROLLED SPENDING/DEBT! NO TO DE-FUNDING THE POLICE!, NO TO DELUSIONAL CRT!, NO TO SOCIAL ENGINEERING!, AND NO TO OPEN BORDERS! INSTEAD LET’S HAVE AMERICA BE RULED BY LAW AND ORDER! LET’S HAVE AMERICA BE RULED BY THE COMMON SENSE! LET’S STOP THE DAMN NONSENSE! Of course, not all constituents would agree that all these issues as their pressing priorities, but if I were to identify just a few which today are the most relevant to individual constituents, I would select the following: inflation, crime/protection of our liberties and immigration.

INFLATION - Solutions For decades we have lived beyond our means by spending money we do not have and calling it deficit spending. Here are just few examples why we accelerated the inflation over the years: From the 2008 financial crisis we have that fancy program called QE - Monetary Easing has increased the money supply by about 9 trillion dollars thru this month. Just recent administration adopted 1.75 social spending bill and a new budget plan of nearly 6 trillion dollars. To add insult to injury during the pandemics we adopted a policy of giving free money with no end in sight. When all combined, for decades we live beyond our means spending money we do not have calling it deficit spending. Currently, our national deficit stands at nearly 30,000 trillion dollars. If we are serious about the inflation before it becomes hyperinflation, we better drastically curb our spending habits by eliminating waste, duplication, fraud programs with no value. We should review all government funded programs to trim our spending budgets. There should be no sacred cows in this effort. Also, no new programs should be adopted until we bring down our deficit spending under a manageable control.

Our first step to curb the inflation is to stop the money printing presses immediately! PROTECTION OF OUR FREEDOMS/LIBERTIES - Solutions As I stated earlier, our freedoms and liberties are being sabotage under the camouflage of democracy by the delusional ideologies of CRT, BLM and ANTIFA, etc., all stemming from the Cultural Marxism taken to the extreme by the social engineers of the Frankfurt School. No longer we are allowed to present alternate views not consistent with the prevailing media/elites without being punished by “canceling” us, or labeling us racist. We are being forced to accommodate even the smallest minorities in the name “social justice” or to overlook the the crime wave in the name of the equity. The woke culture is infatuated with sexualization of our children and we cannot even demand retraction of policies of School Boards elected by us. The simplest way to fight this scourge is by voting out the culprits out of office. If it involves our participation in a woke institutions, we should leave them and go elsewhere with our business.

If our laws are violated by their conduct, we should follow legal actions against them. We can always use public shaming to mock and ridicule them. In case of institutions such as social media which enjoy very special legal privileges under the Section 230, we should force our legislators to strip them. If they enjoy special tax provisions afforded by legislature, they ought to stripped from such. Curricula of all educational institutions at all levels should be reviewed by special independent commissions to remove the CRT teachers and teaching from their schools. IMMIGRATION - Solutions On my website I have a lengthy description in Spanish of my proposed overhaul of the 100-year old immigration system. The article is titled: “Artículo de Casey sobre inmigración y relaciones Latinas”. The articles details a totally new approach on brining immigrants to our country. We are a country of immigrants, just as myself, and we need many more new immigrants if we are to prosper as a county, but we need immigrants who share our values and our needs.

First of all let’s be clear the borders defines any and all country where in a controlled and documented manner, people and import/export products are verified by presenting the visa/permit documents or manifest of products. At the border, there should be no room for wild and uncontrolled invasion by illegal immigrants expect for very special cases and only at designated locations. My proposal is that a network of immigrant processing centers is established in each county which allows legal immigration to United States. Such processing would be done under the control of the US Embassy of the Consulate in a given country. Anyone which has a desire to enter Unites States would apply for the entry based on the existing quota and industry needs. The process would be orderly all required paper work and tests would be compiled/ completed at the processing facility. When a person identity and all required background checks are made, then the immigrant will be issued necessary documents for a legal entry into the United States. Once we adopt new immigration reform/policies every effort should be made to resolve the status of all undocumented workers and students. Dream Act should be the essential part of such comprehensive immigration reform.

Can we as a country absorb additional millions of immigrants? Yes. We definitely can and we need them. The most recent stats show that Unites States has only a 14% population of immigrants, but Canada has 22% and Australia 28%. Let’s also remember that many of the immigrants are already here to stay with us.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

Today, when new bill is introduced, much of the ground work is accomplished by conducting committee hearings at the Capitol. I believe that such hearings should be also arranged at the local level where the constituents live. I think that the office of the Senator should inform the constituents by regularly published newsletters and use the same to gather input from the communities served by the office. I also believe that each County should have a designated person which on periodic basis inform the office of the Senator about their issues/concerns.

Today, we all live in the world of ZOOM, and I think that it would be advisable for the office of the Senator to arrange ZOOM calls for all of its constituents of regular basis. Nothing can be more frustrating for the constituents than unanswered letters, or calls to the Senator. In that regard the office should operate efficiently to acknowledge/answer all letters/calls received by the office.