RACE: U.S. Senate

About the Candidate

Name: Matthew “Matt” Dubiel
DOB: Aug. 26, 1976
Occupation: Small business owner of WCKG, entrepreneur
Political Experience: Political outsider
Website: Dubiel4Senate.com
Twitter: @mattonair
Facebook: facebook.com/mattdubiel4senate
Instagram: @mattdubiel

Candidate Statement

It’s 2022, and TRUCKERS are representing We The People in DC. And God bless them for doing it. 

Our media has been weaponized against us.

Corporations, built on the backs of working Americans, have turned on the people. Big business, big Tech and our own Government have colluded to contain WE the people.

Big Pharma is experimenting on We The People, with the permission and insistence of our Government, employers, educational institutions, the media and even our neighbors.

Our representatives have ONE job. They are supposed to represent We The People.

We the people want our medical freedom and privacy back.

We the people want our energy independence back.

We the people want our manufacturing industry back.

We the people want our Police and our Military back.

We the parents want our Schools back.

We the people want the United States of America back.

These representatives we’ve allowed to be elected have misrepresented the American citizens, in favor of representing the needs of foreign nationals, foreign countries, and illegal aliens.

Our nurses, soldiers, doctors, teachers, frontline “essential” workers, and parents were heralded as heroes during the pandemic, only to be reclassified later by the FBI as Domestic Terrorists.

The social networks and tech companies WE THE PEOPLE built with our friends, our family, our businesses, and our attention are being used to silence our voices and put US in digital “jails” to suppress free speech, in America.

America is at war, from within. Our Government, our corporations, the media, educational institutions, and our personal bodies have been infiltrated.

We have the wrong people representing us.

As Your America First Senator, Matt Dubiel will represent WE THE PEOPLE in Washington, DC, and here at home in Illinois.  Visit MattDubiel.com.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

Our two current Senators from Illinois are voting 99% in lock step with each other, that is when Tammy Duckworth shows up to vote. Her missed votes are among the highest in the Senate. Our current Senators are voting for unqualified Supreme Court nominees, bills they haven’t read, social justice causes, and inflationary printing and spending that is bankrupting the USA. I will vote on behalf of the People of Illinois. Our parents want school choice. Our seniors and families want safer communities. The nation needs to secure our border to stop the influx of criminals, and dangerous drugs and disease.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

The constitution and the system of having two Senators from each state is a sound concept. Senators serving six year terms are supposed bring and keep stability in our legislative branch. But that is not happening as our current Senators are echoing woke policies from a very radical progressive agenda. Our Senators are supposed to be in ILLINOIS, with the people and bring OUR concerns, problems and solutions to Washington.

Instead, our current Senators are selling a Washington agenda back onto the people of Illinois. We need to fix this by voting them out and imposing term limits for all elected positions. We need to stop voting for people because they check certain boxes and start voting for people who have integrity and a strong resolve to stand up against the mob mentality and special interests in Washington. We need to change campaign finance rules so candidates like Duckworth can’t buy their way in over and over.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Our number one issue in America is the economy. We have elected representatives printing and spending money inside bills they don’t read. We need to stop printing and spending. We need to stop sending money outside America. We need to put America First immediately. The financial destruction of the USA (from the inside out) coupled with the fact that Congress has not funded and finished the wall on our southern border is an issue of National Security.

We need to make things in America again. We need to restore our energy independence, and our military and we need to stop this Covid theatre which is driving our productivity into the dark ages. No more Billions to China for masks and tests. China needs to pay Trillions for their damages to America.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

For starters, I will spend all my time (when not in session) in Illinois with the people of Illinois. I give my personal number to everyone now. That’s not changing. I will call people back. I will not send these epic and evasive form letters our current Senators foist upon their constituents. I will work FOR the people. I will also be using social media to connect with the people of Illinois instead of to talking down to them while selling them on woke policies, spending, or printing “national dog day”.

Our Representatives aren’t cruise directors, or pitch men for big tech and big pharma. We are the voice of the people of Illinois and as Senator I will BE one of the people of Illinois. I will already be at the school board meeting bringing attention to issues MY fellow Americans need help with. We don’t need Senators at ribbon cuttings for photo ops. We need Senators standing with parents at school board meetings, and standing with nurses, cops, vets, students and our military to support their medical freedom. You will see Matt Dubiel standing beside them, advocating for them in the mainstream media, and connecting directly with the people via social media, zoom calls and forums.