Top Stories of the Week: Oct. 16

From the unlikely spiritual journey of a former "Meet the Press" moderator, to CPS contracts under scrutiny, here are the five stories "Chicago Tonight" readers were most interested in over the past seven days.

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No. 5: David Gregory Details His 'Unlikely Spiritual Journey'

The former "Meet the Press" moderator and White House correspondent was raised in a two-faith household but without much in the way of belief. His marriage to a Christian woman and their decision to raise their children as Jewish sparked a spiritual journey and new book.

No. 4: Evanston Artist, 96, Paints for Justice, Equality and Peace

Peggy Lipschutz is passionate about painting. She is perhaps best known as a painter of social and political causes. A new exhibit at the Noyes Cultural Center showcases her decades-long career.

No. 3: Meet the Chicago Production Company Changing the Face of Comedy

They were behind the pilot for “Bobby & Iza,” which won NBC's Playground Contest last month, and produced the web series that led to TV Land’s “Teachers,” now helmed by “Community’s” Alison Brie and set to premiere in January. 

No. 2: State Comptroller Munger: 'Illinois Is Out of Money Now'

A dire report from Illinois' comptroller Wednesday: The state budget stalemate has reached an alarming point in the state's ability to make a significant pension payment and pay bills.

No. 1: More Barbara Byrd-Bennett CPS Contracts Under Scrutiny

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel defends his role in the Barbara Byrd-Bennett scandal, "Chicago Tonight" has learned of another controversial CPS contract with someone else Byrd-Bennett used to work for.

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