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Lisa Madigan Will Not Run for Governor

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that she will not be running for governor in 2014, but instead seek a fourth term as the state's chief legal officer. Carol Marin and Phil Ponce discuss the details on this, and the politics behind the Metra scandal, on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Read Madigan's full statement:

“For the last several months, I have considered the best way to continue serving the people of Illinois. Deciding whether to seek reelection or to run for Governor has not been easy. I love my job as Attorney General and continue to be excited about the important work we are doing and what we can do for people and families in the years ahead. I considered running for Governor because of the need for effective management from that office and the frustration so many of us feel about the current lack of progress on critical issues facing Illinois.

Ultimately, however, there has always been another consideration that impacts my decision. I feel strongly that the state would not be well served by having a Governor and Speaker of the House from the same family and have never planned to run for Governor if that would be the case. With Speaker Madigan planning to continue in office, I will not run for Governor.

I have been honored to have so many people across Illinois voice their support for me as I considered this decision. I look forward to continuing to fight for everyone in Illinois as Attorney General.”