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After nearly three decades at “Chicago Tonight,” Phil Ponce ends his regular appearances on the program. We reflect on his career in journalism and his leadership role in the WTTW newsroom.

Dennis Rodman (File photo)

If you’re watching ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary series “The Last Dance,” you have lots of company — and you may have spotted another familiar face on the series recently.

Now that the temperature has warmed up, we’re ready to plant the seeds and transplants for our summer crops. The Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan visits our garden to help us plant our latest round of viewer selected crops and check in on the crops we planted a month ago.  

Jeanne Nolan spends time in Chicago Tonight’s organic vegetable garden and talks garden tips with Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight

A Chicago design firm is competing with others around the country to create a new, better bike for city riding. All the designs were unveiled Friday, July 25. Phil Ponce will test drive the new bike Monday, July 28, and talk with the designers.

Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce interviews Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Phil and Rahm look back at his first three years in office and they discuss Chicago’s future.

Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce interviews Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the three-year anniversary of Emanuel’s time in office. 

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that she will not be running for governor in 2014, but instead seek a fourth term as the state's chief legal officer. Read her statement.

Last Sunday, the Tony Awards had a strong Chicago accent. Steppenwolf Theatre’s Broadway production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? won Tonys for “Best Revival,” “Best Director” and “Best Actor, Tracy Letts.” Before it went to Broadway, the show played at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, and we spoke with some of the principal actors. Watch a web extra video.

Phil Ponce and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.

Phil Ponce and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.

Created by Phil Ponce. Dimensions: 60" x 42"

We take a look at Phil Ponce's surprising hobby and newly discovered talent.

Vivek Bavda, Ilya Sheyman, Brad Schneider and John Tree

We meet the four candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the 10th Congressional District.

Cat Comments

Our host, Phil Ponce, spends some time in the doghouse for a remark he made recently about cats. We have your howls of protest in tonight's Viewer Mail.

Justice Stephen Breyer

In part three of our conversation with United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, he weighs in on the politicization of the bench, the confirmation process, and why he likes talking about his job.

Justice Stephen Breyer

In part two of our conversation with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, he talks about different approaches to interpreting the Constitution, and the importance of teaching civics in school.