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Illinois’ insurance code prohibits discrimination, but state Rep. Will Guzzardi said there’s a difference between impact and intent. Even if insurance agents aren’t doing it maliciously, Guzzardi said, algorithms end up perpetuating inequities and punishing people of color and low-income drivers.

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No matter how much money a person makes, Illinois residents all pay the same income tax rate. A pair of new proposals could change that by taking aim at the bank accounts of high earners.

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed legislation Thursday that creates new resources and incentives to finance affordable housing across the state and helps low-income residents access assistance for heat and other utilities.

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Much of the neighborhood sits in the 60639 ZIP code, which has seen the most COVID-19 cases in the entire state. How businesses are faring and reopening.

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In just the past month, Illinois unemployment claims ballooned to more than 133,000 as people lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic – and it could be just the beginning. Is a rent freeze the right answer?

It took three roll call votes Monday before an education funding bill passed in the Illinois House. In the end, there was still division on both sides of the aisle. We speak to lawmakers who voted for and against the measure.

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Dozens of charter school advocates and parents gathered outside Will Guzzardi’s Logan Square office Wednesday to protest a bill from the state representative that would limit charter growth in financially struggling Illinois school districts.

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“If your district is broke, take care of the schools that you have before you open new schools. We think it’s a pretty straightforward idea,” said state Rep. Will Guzzardi, who introduced the legislation.

Student debt for Illinois grads has increased by more than $5,400 since 2010, according to a new national report.

One Illinois state representative hopes to stem the tide of rising student debt by making public colleges and universities free for all in-state residents.

State lawmakers want to make it easier for students to skip the PARCC test by introducing a new bill to opt out of standardized testing.

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