Alds. Gilbert Villegas (36th Ward), Nicholas Sposato (38th Ward) and Jason Ervin (28th Ward) discuss casino locations and other pressing City Council news.

In light of the charges against Ald. Ed Burke, what can Mayor Lori Lightfoot and aldermen do to clean up City Hall?

In this March 24, 2019 photo, Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot participates in a candidate forum sponsored by One Chicago For All Alliance at Daley College in Chicago. (AP Photo / Teresa Crawford)

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot says aldermanic prerogative is at the heart of many corruption scandals emanating from City Hall. Two aldermen give us their take on the issue.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Chicago Tonight file photo)

In the wake of an attempted extortion charge against longtime Ald. Ed Burke, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unveiled a number of ethics reforms. Ald. Nick Sposato weighs in.

Susan Russell (Chicago Animal Care and Control / Facebook)

The ouster last weekend of Chicago Animal Care and Control’s executive director, whose short tenure resulted in the fewest instances of euthanasia at the agency since that data has been recorded, has got folks howling across the city.

The City Council is expected to vote this week on whether to extend the powers of city Inspector General Joe Ferguson to cover the activities of the City Council itself. More than 30 aldermen are said to be supportive of the measure, but key alderman are trying to dilute the powers that Ferguson may be given. A panel of aldermen tells us what they think will happen.

Now that controversial Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan is out, what will aldermen do with the watchdog office? We speak to three aldermen about whether the future should be in the hands of Chicago's Inspector General Joe Ferguson or if there's another way to investigate City Council.

Proco "Joe" Moreno won 50.9 percent of the vote in the 1st Ward in Tuesday's election, but his challenger Anne Shaw won’t concede until all the absentee ballots are counted. Ald. Nick Sposato won 54 percent of the vote in the 38th Ward; and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa won 67 percent in the 35th Ward and was the only candidate to oust an incumbent. The three winning aldermen join us.

The Chicago City Council has ordered the Chicago Fire Department to investigate an apparent shortage of ambulances and paramedics. We talk with former Chicago firefighter Ald. Nick Sposato (36th) about the order. Read an interview with Better Government Association investigative reporter Patrick Rehkamp about the implications of fewer ambulances in the city.