Robert B. Reich (Perian Flaherty)

There's no such thing as a true free market: That's the bold proposition former Labor Secretary Robert Reich makes in his newly released book, "Saving Capitalism." He joins “Chicago Tonight” to talk about how he hopes to change the conversation and save capitalism.

State lawmakers are expected to meet this week to consider a temporary, one-month budget in an effort to stave off the devastating effects of a government shutdown. But as the budget stalemate between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democrat-controlled General Assembly continues with no clear resolution in sight, who wins and who loses? 

Illinois has the most units of local government in the country, with nearly 7,000 units of local government statewide. Are all of these units of government necessary? Our panel discusses the issue. 

Should the United States Get Involved?

With Iraq on the brink of imploding as city after city falls to fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), we talk to a panel of experts about how we reached this point and what, if anything, the United States should do.

Now that the government has reopened and a debt default has been averted, we get reaction from Sen. Dick Durbin and other Illinois lawmakers about what happens next.

President Obama signed an 11th-hour deal averting a devastating debt default. But it’s a short-term deal that may result in another funding battle on January 15 and debt limit deadline February 7. What is the real economic impact of the shutdown? And what effects will it have on markets? We have analysis.

Senate leaders announce they've reached a deal to end the government shutdown. Carol Marin and her guests have analysis.

President Obama invites House Democrats to a meeting at the White House to discuss the budget crisis. Is the government shutdown nearing its end? Carol Marin and her guests have analysis. Watch web extra videos.

We are now in day three of a federal government shutdown. We take a look at what it will take to get things up and running again.

We check in with Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam about the ongoing government shutdown.

It's day one of the government shutdown. We assess the local impact.

With the government hours away from a possible shutdown, we take a look at the impact on Chicago. Paris Schutz has the details.

The clock is ticking down on a midnight deadline for a government shutdown. What would a shutdown mean for the country and can it be avoided with a delayed implementation of ObamaCare? Carol Marin and her guests have analysis.

All eyes are on the U.S. Senate as a potential government shutdown looms. Paris Schutz has more on what Sen. Dick Durbin and Illinois members of Congress are planning to do.

With the inauguration over, where do we go from here? A panel of experts joins us to discuss what to expect during President Obama's second term.

The electric vehicle industry has been touted as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil, create jobs, and save the environment. But an Indiana company that promised a plug-in hybrid van with 100 miles to the gallon just closed its doors. Elizabeth Brackett tells us why.