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A bill that supporters say would make fracking operations in Illinois more transparent cleared its first legislative hurdle last week.

Recently introduced legislation would update Illinois’ fracking law to increase protections for land owners and require more information from oil and gas companies applying for fracking permits.

Babies born within 2 miles of a fracking site are more likely to suffer negative health effects, according to a new study co-authored by a professor at the University of Chicago. 

Two months after becoming the first company approved for fracking in Illinois, Woolsey Operating Company has withdrawn its permit. 

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A Kansas company that last week won approval of Illinois’ first horizontal fracking permit has been cited with more than two dozen violations in multiple states, records show.

Despite more than 5,000 public comments opposing the permit, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources this week approved an application for the controversial oil-drilling practice.

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A bill that paves the way for high-level horizontal fracking in Illinois cleared an important hurdle.

Courtesy of NRDC

Courtesy of NRDC

Courtesy of NRDC

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