New details on the Russian cyberattack before the 2016 election, and how Illinois was affected. 

The latest on one of the world’s most extensive cyberattacks ever.

(Courtesy of CNN)
What can we expect from U.S.-Russia relations under the Trump administration?

Donald Trump denies Russian hacking during the presidential election but some Electoral College members are now demanding a security briefing before casting their electoral votes on Dec. 19.  

A map shows internet outages caused by the Oct. 21 DDoS attack. (Courtesy of DownDetector)

A massive cyberattack temporarily takes down major websites. Find out how hackers use household devices to wreak havoc online.

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Whether fictional or real, stories of hacking appear to be everywhere. We discuss online security and the public’s fascination with hackers with two local experts.

The State Board of Elections computer hack may have been smaller than first thought. Now it seems the personal information of only 90,000 Illinois voters was compromised. How safe is voter information? We get the latest.