Dialing Up Defenses to Cybersecurity

It’s beginning to look like you’re not somebody important unless your emails appear to have been hacked by Russians.

This week’s leak of hacked emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell raises already heightened concerns about Moscow’s presumed ability to infiltrate email accounts, the reliability of the U.S.’s cybersecurity defenses as the presidential election quickly approaches, and whether skipping Gmail’s two-step verification process is really a wise choice.

Hackers have also captured the fascination of pop culture in addition to the political elite’s passwords. The critically acclaimed USA series “Mr. Robot,” which is about a cybersecurity engineer who joins a group of hacktivists, gallops toward its second season finale this month, and Oliver Stone’s biopic on Edward Snowden hits movie theaters this week.

Whether fictional or real, stories of hacking appear to be everywhere. Host Eddie Arruza talks about online security and the public’s fascination with hackers with Stacy Kowalczyk, a professor and director of Dominican University’s science in information master’s program; and Sanjiv Bawa, CEO and founder of the Chicago-based IT firm Chi Networks

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