Stories by Evan Garcia

The Week in Review: Violence Prompts Anger, Tears, Political Fallout

Chicago’s most violent weekend in two years prompts criticism – and more cops on the streets. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorses “Jerry” McCarthy – and then Garry McCarthy – for mayor. And Sinclair Broadcasting will not have a home in Chicago.

‘Redneck Fishing’ for Flying Asian Carp on the Illinois River

Silver carp jumping into a boat. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Each year, self-proclaimed “rednecks” try to rid the Illinois River of Asian carp – one flying fish at a time. We visit the small town of Bath for a look.

Lake Shore Drive March: Activists to Protest Police-Involved Shootings

The Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston on July 24, 2018 announces plans for an anti-violence protest Aug. 2 along Lake Shore Drive. (Chicago Tonight)

Protesters are poised to take over Wrigleyville on Thursday. Organizers of the march are here to tell us why.

The Beatles in Evanston: A Rare Look at Northwestern’s Beatles Manuscripts

The Beatles wave to fans after arriving at Kennedy Airport in February 1964.

A local institution holds handwritten lyric sheets belonging to the biggest-selling music artists of all time. We get a peek at this collection of cultural artifacts.

Destruction of the City’s Last Waterfall Begins

A waterfall at River Park in Chicago. (Courtesy One City Films)

Chicago is losing its last waterfall. We follow up on an earlier story to see the beginning of its demolition in River Park.

Allegations of Abuse at Chicago-Area Shelters Housing Migrant Children

(Credit: Joshua Lott for ProPublica Illinois)

A ProPublica Illinois investigation uncovers allegations of abuse, inappropriate relationships and threats at nonprofit shelters housing migrant children. We speak with reporter Melissa Sanchez.

Mars Glows Bright as it Readies for Opposition, Close Approach

Mars is bright in the summer sky this week. (Credit: NASA / JPL / USGS)

For the next several days, the celestial event calendar includes some stellar highlights for observers in Chicago and around the globe.

History or Hate? Chicago’s Controversial Monuments and Street Names

Balbo Drive isn’t getting renamed anytime soon, but a stretch of Congress Parkway will be named after African-American journalist and anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells. What else is causing controversy.

Ald. Ricardo Munoz to Retire from City Council, ‘Make Some Real Money’

Ald. Ricardo Munoz appears on “Chicago Tonight” on July 23, 2018.

He has represented Chicago’s 22nd Ward since 1993 but announced Monday he will not run for re-election. Ald. Ricardo Munoz joins us to discuss his major career move.

The Week in Review: Public Outcry Over Police-Involved Shooting

The fatal shooting of a South Shore barber sparks outrage and protests. Could the Trump-Putin summit reshape the local political landscape? And Chance the Rapper is now an emerging media mogul.

Web Extra, The Week in Review: NFL Policy and Miami Dolphins

Eddie Arruza and guests discuss the latest developments in the NFL’s national anthem policy.

Fatal Shooting Reignites Tension between Chicago Police, Community

Police and protesters clash after a fatal police-involved shooting. How can officers and community members come together?

Why Chicago is Tearing Down Its Last Waterfall

A waterfall at River Park in Chicago. (Courtesy One City Films)

At River Park on Chicago’s Northwest Side, a concrete dam standing 4 feet high is being prepped for removal. But it’s not just any dam – this happens to be the last waterfall within Chicago city limits.

Former Animal Care Director Susan Russell on Her Falling Out with City Hall

Susan Russell appears on “Chicago Tonight” on July 12, 2018.

City Hall insiders said she was “warehousing” dogs – but the ousted executive director of the city’s animal shelter denies that claim. Susan Russell joins us in discussion.

So Long to the Straight Dope: Witty Q&A Column Calls It Quits

Ed Zotti, Straight Dope editor at the Chicago Reader (Chicago Tonight)

After nearly half a century of answering questions ranging from the trivial to the technical to the taboo, the Chicago Reader’s informative and irreverent weekly column has ended.

New Chicago Bike Map Highlights Most ‘Mellow’ Routes

As Chicago tries to become a more bike-friendly city, a transportation journalist offers his own, low-stress routes.

Emanuel on Term Limits, Chicago’s Affordable Housing Challenges

“Gov. Quinn has been working on this – he doesn’t have the signatures ready,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said of efforts to place a binding referendum on the November ballot asking whether Chicago mayors should be limited to two terms.

Chicago Poet Patricia Frazier Named National Youth Poet Laureate

Patricia Frazier

The 19-year-old writes poetry with a message of empowerment, social activism and remembrance. Meet Patricia Frazier.

The Week in Review: Immigration Debate Explodes in Chicago

The immigration debate hits Chicago. The governor’s race heats up. The head of the Chicago Teachers Union steps down. And the Bulls have their pick.

Web Extra, The Week in Review: Karen Lewis Retiring

Paris Schutz and guests discuss the retirement of Chicago Teacher Union President Karen Lewis in this web-exclusive video.

How Feasible is Boring Company’s Plan for O’Hare Express Train?

Elon Musk’s proposal calls for an underground system that transports travelers on pods at speeds of 125-150 mph. (Credit: The Boring Company)

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has vowed to get started on digging an 18-mile tunnel from Block 37 to O’Hare airport in the next three to four months. We discuss the plan with Deputy Mayor of Chicago Robert Rivkin.

Friends Remember Elizabeth Brackett’s Energy, Adventurous Outlook

(Courtesy Sharone Aharon)

She was an award-winning journalist and an internationally recognized triathlete. A wife, mother, sister, friend and inspiration. Four people who knew Elizabeth Brackett well share their memories with us.

The Week in Review: Musk Promises 12-Minute O’Hare Express

Elon Musk’s Boring Company wins a bid to build high-speed transportation from downtown Chicago to O’Hare. How technologically and economically feasible is the plan? That story and more with Paris Schutz and guests Steve Daniels, Derrick Blakley, Becky Vevea and Rick Telander.

Web Extra, The Week in Review: Will Elon Musk Sway Jeff Bezos?

Paris Schutz and guests further discuss Elon Musk’s plans for an O’Hare express train. 

Bird Blood and Banding: Tracking Egrets in Cook County

Once a year, scientists and veterinarians check on nesting birds at Baker’s Lake in Cook County, where they can also learn a lot about the environment – and predict possible health concerns for humans.