District 1

Bobby L. Rush - D (incumbent)

Bobby L. Rush

“Whether it’s ensuring that my constituents’ have access to lifesaving drugs, or spearheading workforce programs, I will continue to fight for the people of this district.”

Ameena Nuur Matthews - D

Ameena Nuur Matthews

“As I continued to witness the decline of our communities, I realized I had to take my fight to a higher platform.”

Sarah Gad - D

Sarah Gad

“The current Congressman has shown that he’s not up to the task. Bobby Rush has missed more votes than any other sitting Congressman. He has skipped 30% of all House votes between 2007-now.”

Robert Emmons, Jr. - D

Robert Emmons, Jr.

“I’m 27-years-old and I’m taking on a 27-year incumbent.”

Philanise White - R

Philanise White

“I plan to be the pioneer now, and for the future.”

District 2

Robin Kelly - D (incumbent)

Robin Kelly

“Since the Democrats have taken control of the House we have worked hard on our "For The People" agenda and we have passed 430 bills with 80 percent of those bills waiting to be called in the Senate.”

Marcus Lewis - D

Marcus Lewis

“Had enough?”

Theresa J. Raborn - R

Theresa J. Raborn

“It’s time to FIRE those elitist, career politicians and elect a problem-solving, solutions-oriented, citizen legislator from a military family, to fight for YOU!”

District 3

Marie Newman - D

Marie Newman

“I am running for Congress because my community needs a real Democrat with a real plan that actually works.”

Rush Darwish - D

Rush Darwish

“I’m running because it’s not about the politicians or special interest groups. It’s about us.”

Daniel William Lipinski - D (incumbent)

Daniel William Lipinski

“Even as gridlock has gripped Washington, I’ve been able to get things done to make life better for the people of my district, and middle class families across our nation.”

Charles M. Hughes - D

Charles M. Hughes

“Women in America are the 8th Wonder of the World. I promise to support and listen to women’s concerns.”

Mike Fricilone - R

Mike Fricilone

“I sit on our county finance committee which oversees a $600 million budget, as well as taking a role in the oversight of our county pension system. I am especially proud that during my time as Finance Chairman we actually reduced tax rates 4 years in a row.”

Arthur J. Jones - R

Arthur J. Jones

“I am concerned that our country is being led toward a war with Iran,by agents and sympathizers of a foreign nation that wants us at war with Iran.”

Catherine A. O’Shea - R

Catherine A. O’Shea

“It infuriates me to see what the democratic party is doing in their efforts to dismantle our Constitution and weaken our country.”

District 4

Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia - D (incumbent)

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

“My work in Congress has been shaped directly by the needs and hopes of my community.”

Christopher Lasky - R

Did not participate

Did not participate in the 2020 Voter Guide to the Primary Election.

District 5

Brian Burns - D

Brian Burns

“My candidacy is unique because WE have a plan to build the MOST RESPONSIVE GOVERNMENT IN HISTORY. And with your engagement, WE WILL write our own future.”

Mike Quigley - D (incumbent)

Mike Quigley

“I've fought every day to get the full truth about Russian interference in 2016 and to hold this administration accountable for everything it is still doing today to prevent Congress from learning what really happened.”

Tommy Hanson - R

Tommy Hanson

“That’s right: I’m back!!!!”

Kimball Ladien - R

Kimball Ladien

“There are many programs at and in my books Safe Haven and The Chicago Project that can SAVE LIVES and Tax Dollars with a PARADIGM SHIFT from Gridlock and “Politics as Usual” to Win-Win GOOD GOVERNMENT based on GOOD SCIENCE and GOOD PREVENTIVE MEDICINE.”

District 6

Sean Casten - D (incumbent)

Sean Casten

“I also voted to protect Americans with pre-existing medical conditions, lower premiums, and reduce prescription drug costs, because I believe, and I think everyone believes that we should have access to affordable health care.”

Jeanne Ives - R

Jeanne Ives

“Do you want more freedom in your life or more government? Do you want leaders who represent you or leaders who rule over you?”

Gordon (Jay) Kinzler - R

Gordon (Jay) Kinzler

“I entered this race because I am concerned that many in Congress are promoting a socialist agenda that is taking our nation down a dangerous path.”

District 7

Danny K. Davis - D (incumbent)

Danny K. Davis

“Our nation has taken an ominous turn in these past three years. If you are like me then you are OUTRAGED.”

Kina Collins - D

Kina Collins

“In a district that is 85% Democrat, overwhelmingly working class, and nearly 70% people of color, Illinois 7th deserves a working class champion.”

Anthony Clark - D

Anthony Clark

“Yes, we are struggling, but when we dare to struggle, we dare to win.”

Kristine Schanbacher - D

Kristine Schanbacher

“What we lack is the political will to stop following failed policies and the political courage to implement humane, effective, and in many cases less expensive policies.”

Craig Cameron - R

Did not participate

Did not participate in the 2020 Voter Guide to the Primary Election.

District 8

Raja Krishnamoorthi - D (incumbent)

Raja Krishnamoorthi

“I ran for office promising to work every day for middle-class families struggling with the cost of healthcare, retirement savings and paying for their children's education.”

William Olson - D

William Olson

“Constituents ought come to grips with my opponent for the US House, who is, I submit, a painted whore to campaign finance, and a political pimp to private corporation.”

Inam Hussain - D

Inam Hussain

“As an anesthesiologist, I was trained to diagnose and treat. I humbly diagnosed that the incumbent is a detriment to the health of district 8.”

District 9

Janice D. Schakowsky - D (incumbent)

Janice D. Schakowsky

“This is the election year we have been waiting for. This is the election that can usher in the changes that reflect OUR values and our priorities.”

Sargis Sangari - R

Sargis Sangari

“I offer you my service to the nation in the political arena to address these disfunctions and in dedication to the good people of our district.”

District 10

Brad Schneider - D (incumbent)

Did not participate

Did not participate in the 2020 Voter Guide to the Primary Election.

Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee - R

Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee

“We still do not have solutions for issues I encountered 25 years ago as a young political staffer – healthcare, immigration, and the out of control national debt. This needs to change.”

District 11

Bill Foster - D (incumbent)

Bill Foster

“I am confident that we will turn the page on this dark chapter of American history. And we must do just that, by coming together and thinking logically and carefully to address the complex problems we face.”

Rachel Ventura - D

Rachel Ventura

“There are big differences between myself and my opponent, Wallstreet Democrat Bill Foster.”

Rick Laib - R

Rick Laib

“I’m running as a pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-free market candidate in the 11th Congressional District.”

Krishna K. Bansal - R

Krishna K. Bansal

“Government should be small and collect minimal taxes. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.”

District 14

Lauren Underwood - D (incumbent)

Lauren Underwood

“I introduced, passed, and had signed into law a bill that will lower the cost of insulin. And I've introduced a common-sense bill to lower health care premiums.”

Sue Rezin - R

Sue Rezin

“My reason for stepping up to run for Congress can be summed up in: Results. Not Resistance.”

Catalina Lauf - R

Catalina Lauf

“Today I see the far-left trying to divide us and trying to replace the American Dream with socialism. I'm running for Congress because I believe it's time my generation defended the promise of the American Dream against those who do away with it for their own political game.”

Jerry Evans - R

Jerry Evans

“I promise to all of you, that I will take to Congress your values and your voice to stand strong and fight against the radical policies that Lauren Underwood, her “Squad,” and Nancy Pelosi seek to destroy our nation with.”

Jim Oberweis - R

Jim Oberweis

“As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, I can tell you that government is more often a hindrance - not a help - to real progress.”

James T. ‘Jim’ Marter - R

James T. “Jim” Marter

“I’m James Marter for Congress, fighting to defend our Conservative values, our Pro-Growth and Pro-America agenda to Keep America Great.”

Ted Gradel - R

Ted Gradel

“A vote for me is a vote for freedom, Constitutional rights, and conservative values. It’s a vote for holding government accountable.”

Anthony Catella - R

Anthony Catella

“I am an Army veteran and currently hold a commission in the Indiana Guard Reserve. I am a citizen-soldier statesman and a man of faith dedicated to the American way of truth and justice.”

District 16

Adam Kinzinger - R (incumbent)

Adam Kinzinger

“After serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan ‐ I said to myself… if I was willing to fight for our country from the outside, I must be willing to fight for our country from the inside. This still holds true as I seek re‐election.”

Dani Brzozowski - D

Dani Brzozowski

“We have work to do as we band together to take back our democracy and fight for the values that make communities like our's worth preserving and protecting.”