About this Office: The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes crimes committed in Cook County, the largest consolidated court district in the U.S.; serves as legal counsel for Cook County government agencies; and serves as legal counsel for all Cook County public officials.

Kim Foxx - D (incumbent)

Kim Foxx

“Over the past three years, we’ve focused on prosecuting violent crimes instead of spending disproportionate resources towards low-level offenses. We’re bringing greater accountability and transparency to police-involved shootings, and are leading the nation in creating innovative criminal justice reform that keeps our communities safe.”

Patrick W. ‘Pat’ O’Brien - R

Patrick W. ‘Pat’ O’Brien

“We need a state's attorney that's a professional, not a politician. Kim Foxx lacks the judgment and integrity. We also saw in the Jussie Smollett case, she lacked the ability to handle everyone fairly and give them the same rights under the law.”

Brian Dennehy - L

Brian Dennehy

“As Cook County State’s Attorney, I would listen to and work with community organizations to find solutions that are actually effective in reducing violence rather than turning to prosecutors, police, and cages for every problem.”