Richard J. Durbin - D (incumbent)

Richard J. Durbin

“Don’t forget to vote. If you watch WTTW, you probably never forget to vote. Make sure that your vote counts.  Make requests for your paper ballot before October 19th and send it back before October 27th. Be part of this decision process that comes around once every four years.”

Mark C. Curran Jr. - R

Mark C. Curran Jr.

“The Bill of Rights are under attack by partisan politicians advocating for socialist policies that erode your liberty and jeopardize our children’s future.”

Willie L. Wilson - I

Willie L. Wilson

“We face a big task of rebuilding our economy after the virus crises where so many have lost jobs, businesses and incomes. We have an opportunity to do it right and give every one of you a fair chance at a better life.”

David F. Black - G

David F. Black

“I vision Illinois having a Senator who not only supports progressive policies as outlined elsewhere but who is a true activist. I was a consciousness objector during the Vietnam War and have been actively pursuing peace since then.”

Danny Malouf - L

Danny Malouf

“This campaign is about helping people to understand that nearly all of the problems we face today are a result of a government being way too big and that the two-party system has failed the American people.”