About the Candidate

Name: Thomas J. Wilda, PhD, LCSW
DOB: Oct. 18, 1951
Occupation: Social Worker
Political Experience: Have worked on campaigns and have worked in peace organizations. This is my first run at office.
Website: Tomforthefifth.com
Twitter: @TomWilda2020

Candidate Statement

Hi, I’m Tom Wilda. I’m a social worker and I’m a member of the Green Party and I’m running for the 5th Congressional District in Illinois.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve had two parties. One neo-liberal and the other neo-conservative. And since that time we have seen spectacular failures. 

We are in seven wars right now.  We have an ecological crisis that cannot be addressed. We have seen deindustrialization, terrible trade agreements, loss of good jobs and the country right now is unable to take care of its citizens in a time of pandemic.

The two parties that have gotten us into this mess will not get us out.

Here is what I would fight for:

Medicare for All at 100%. 

Student Debt Forgiveness and Free education from preschool to graduate

A Universal Basic Income for everyone. 

End the wars. 

Enhanced Social Security so seniors don’t have to choose between their medicine and food. 

Create a Green New Deal which would create new jobs and good jobs.

We need to demilitarize our police, create a just foreign policy, and a just immigration policy.

And we need to change the way our money is created through a process of Monetary Reform.

I explain all this on my website. Please visit me at my website, tomforthefifth.com. Send me a question. I will get back to you. I am also on social media platforms as @TomWilda2020.

Together we’ll make this a better country.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

The country is in a crisis. The country has failed miserably in caring for the citizens in a time of pandemic. People are working more but experience more debt. We are fighting wars that are not covered in the media. Recently Congress moved over $3 trillion from the common people to the richest banks and corporations. Congress has been totally inept at helping the common citizen. I am running because I care about the common person.

What is your vision for this office?

I will submit bills for Medicare for All, Forgiveness of Student Debt, Ending funding for the wars, Creating a $20 minimum wage, creating a UBI of $3000/month for every citizen, ending the Federal Reserve and establishing a monetary commission under the Treasury Department, I intend to submit these bills in the first few months of my term and will fight for them until understood by the American people and passed by Congress.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Medicare for all in this time of pandemic. Income assistance during this time of pandemic. Financial support for small business during this time of pandemic.