About the Candidate

Name: Jesus Solorio
DOB: Aug. 15, 1987
Occupation: President, Solorio Strategies, LLC
Political Experience: 23rd Ward Republican Committeeman
Website: solorioforcongress.com
Twitter: @jesussoloriojr

Candidate Statement

I’m Jesus Solorio and I’m the Republican nominee for Congress in Illinois’ 4th Congressional district.

And like many of you, I am concerned with the amount of violence and lawlessness that we’ve seen in the last few months.

I was born in El Paso, TX and raised in neighborhoods of Cicero and later the Southside of Chicago so I know firsthand what it means to live in a community that has high crime. And I want to change that and that’s why I’m running for Congress.

We need to fight to preserve the American dream. But unfortunately, we have a political process right now that’s pushing a narrative that we can’t succeed because of racism and institutional racism.

I’m running for Congress because I want to tell voters the truth -- to tell them that these divisions aren’t between rich or poor, Black, Brown or White. Or even between Main Street and Wall Street. It’s because of Cheat Street. Cheat Street is the corruption that emboldens elected officials to pass harmful legislation that hurts members in our communities.

So now I’m running for Congress to tell the truth. But sadly, my opponent and the Radical Left, want to buy power and votes by promising free stuff.

I’m running because I want to fight for the American Dream to ensure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare, that everyone, every child -- rich or poor -- has access to great education.

So, I’m Jesus Solorio and I humbly ask for your vote this November.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

Like so many Americans across our country I’m tired of seeing career politicians make bad policy and legislative decisions that negatively impact our communities. I want to bring a voice to Main Street Americans and get Cheat Street out of the way. Unfortunately, right now, career politicians are encouraged to pass harmful legislation that only benefit  the politically connected. 

What is your vision for this office?

I want to bring an honest voice to Main Street Americans - I will put the interest of the voters in my district ahead of corrupt special interests. 

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

“It’s the economy stupid” was the phrase coined in 1992 by Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist to remind voters of the (mild) recession that occurred during the presidency of George H.W. Bush. Twelve years earlier, Ronald Reagan jabbed at his opponent with the quip “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

Every presidential administration is under tremendous pressure from the voters to make good on promises of economic prosperity. Unfortunately, their efforts, hastened by the next election, are all too often incomplete, misdirected, and corrupted by the influence of special interests.

The result has been a multi-generational hodgepodge of regulations, tax gimmicks, and monetary stimulus that collectively distorts markets and transfers wealth from the politically underrepresented to those groups and divisions with powerful lobbyists with an address on Cheat Street. And the structural problems are always left for the next administration to solve.