Southland Chamber of Commerce Chair Bonita Parker speaks at a March 20, 2023, news conference. (WTTW News)

Local officials in the south suburbs are renewing efforts to get a regional airport to take flight. The idea for a third Chicago area airport has been floated for decades, and not lightly — Illinois has spent close to $100 million to buy land

Illinois’ gigantic new energy law will change the source of the state’s power into the future. (Nuno Marques / Unsplash)

The state’s gigantic new energy law will change the source of Illinois’ power. The package aims to move Illinois to carbon-free energy by 2045, but it also serves to tip the scales in terms of who makes up the transforming energy industry.

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker may soon make the rare move of vetoing a bill that passed both houses of the Democratic-controlled General Assembly — unanimously. The bill has to do with how private ambulance companies are reimbursed when they transport Medicaid patients. 

The Illinois State Capitol in Springfield. (WTTW News)

With roughly a month before they plan to complete the weighty task of drawing new maps that will determine the lines of political power for the next decade, Illinois Democrats say they have not determined what data they’ll use. We speak with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle about that and more.

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State Rep. Will Davis plans to file legislation this week that he says would expand the state’s share of renewable energy to 40 percent of total energy sources by 2030.

The Illinois primary is just eight weeks away. Will state lawmakers dodge controversial issues before the March 20 election?

It took three roll call votes Monday before an education funding bill passed in the Illinois House. In the end, there was still division on both sides of the aisle. We speak to lawmakers who voted for and against the measure.

After 736 days, Illinois finally has a budget. But it’s not all good news: At the moment, funding is locked up for all of the state’s public schools. Will schools open on time?


A team of Illinois legislators has spent the past six months looking for some way to fix the state’s broken education funding model. But with only a week left before its final report is due, concerns have surfaced about how soon any changes will be made.

Illinois has been without a budget for almost five months, as lawmakers and Gov. Rauner have been locked in a battle split down party lines. However, one Democrat broke ranks—to the consternation of his colleagues. Is there any hope for compromise on the budget stalemate?