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SKATE for Girls, or Solving Kinesthetically and Transforming Education for Girls, aims to increase young girls’ interest in STEM fields and make figure skating more accessible.

Brandon Johnson celebrates after winning the Chicago mayoral election on April 4, 2023. (WTTW News)

In his victory speech, Brandon Johnson emphasized the importance of coalition in his campain and pointed toward the need to continue building coalitions across the city moving forward. He appealed to those who did not vote for him and promised to work together. 

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Chicago will elect a new mayor and voters in 14 wards will also elect a new alderperson to the Chicago City Council. 

FILE - Second-grade students select their meals during lunch break in the cafeteria at an elementary school in Scottsdale, Ariz., Dec. 12, 2022. (AP Photo / Alberto Mariani, File)

The plan also seeks to significantly decrease sodium in the meals served to the nation’s schoolkids by 2029, while making the rules for foods made with whole grains more flexible.

The Chicago Public Schools budget that is short half a billion dollars is officially enacted. The fate of that $500 million assistance is in the hands of the Illinois House, where support is currently tenuous at best. Thursday, some House lawmakers sent a message to the city and Chicago Public Schools: certain things have to happen before that chamber gets on board. What are they?

Should downstate and suburban school districts pay the hundreds of millions in costs to fund their teacher pensions? A group of Chicago area state lawmakers say yes. They say it’s a better way to level the playing field between Chicago and other school districts. But not everyone is on board.

Who Pays the Price?

Expulsions and out-of-school suspensions in Chicago Public Schools saw a drop in the 2013-2014 school year, but a recent study suggests troubled students are still vulnerable. We discuss school discipline with our panel.

Pension Debate & School Closings Due to Weather

We share what you had to say about the great pension debate and schools closing due to cold weather in tonight's viewer feedback.

For the second day, Chicago Public Schools are closed because of cold weather, but not everyone agrees.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced a number of school consolidations, re-purposing, and closings as part of its 2013-2016 Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools.

The state’s capital was filled today with advocates rallying against charter school bills under consideration. President of Chicago International Charter Schools David Chizewer and Legislation Coordinator for the Chicago Teachers Union Stacy Davis Gates join us with details. Read an article.

Just three of the nearly 50 school buildings closed by Chicago Public Schools last year are now occupied again, though CPS says charter schools could move into the closed buildings if the community approves. Elizabeth Brackett has the story. Read an article.

The Chicago School Board voted Wednesday to approve seven new charter schools in the city. Many parents, as well as the Chicago Teachers Union, have said they will protest any expansion following the closing last year of 50 neighborhood schools. We have the latest on the vote and reaction to it. View a graphic and a map on the new proposed charter schools.

Carol Marin and her guests discuss Chicago Public Schools' announcement of charter school expansion.

Chicago magazine and the Better Government Association break a special report on the rise and fall of Juan Rangel of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), and the future of the clout-heavy charter school network. Read an article and view a slideshow.

We talk with Digital Learning Coordinator Jennie Magiera about how technology is enhancing the school experience for CPS students. Read an interview.