Inside the “A Night at Mister Kelly’s” exhibit at the Newberry Library. (Marc Vitali / WTTW News)

The Newberry Library is raising a glass to the Chicago nightclub that helped shape American music and comedy. The new exhibition “A Night at Mister Kelly’s” is a swinging selection of artifacts and eye-opening information about the famous hotspot.

Left: Black Hawk (Sauk). Right: M’intosh (Creek). Both images are on display in “Indigenous Portraits Unbound” at the Newberry Library. (Marc Vitali / WTTW News)

On display at the Newberry Library are selections from “History of the Indian Tribes of North America,” a set of early 19th century books rich with imagery. It’s one of the earliest and best records of what Indigenous people, including Seneca and Black Hawk, actually looked like.

(Eastland Disaster Historical Society)

The Eastland Disaster, often overlooked in history, occurred in 1915 when a passenger ship docked at the Clark Street Bridge tipped over in the Chicago River, leading to the deaths of 844 people.

A postcard featuring Santa Claus is part of the Newberry Library collection. (WTTW News)

Over time there have been many interpretations of Santa’s look – and vintage postcards from the early 20th century prove that he’s had more makeovers than a movie star. At the Newberry Library, a rare collection tracks Santa’s evolution.

An image featured in the exhibit “Handmaidens for Travelers: The Pullman Company Maids.” (Credit: Newberry Library)

The exhibit highlights both the benefits and challenges they experienced while traveling as Black women during the Jim Crow era.

A work of art featured in the exhibition “¡Viva la Libertad!” at the Newberry Library. (WTTW News)

A new exhibit and programming series at the Newberry Library looks at the ties between the revolutionary histories of the U.S. and countries across Latin America.

The Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton are the subject of much gossip in the Netflix series "Bridgerton." (Netflix / Facebook)

Find out what the hit Netflix series gets right — and wrong — about gossip in the 1800s when Newberry Library scholars host a lighthearted virtual chat this week.

“346 Blots of Shame on the United States.” Chicago: Rand McNally and Company, 1922

In November 1920, change was in the air as the country geared up for a presidential election in the wake of a global pandemic and racial unrest. Sound familiar? We check out  “Decision 1920” at the Newberry Library.

Vintage valentine from the Andrew McNally collection at the Newberry Library. (Courtesy of the Newberry Library)

The Newberry’s collection of vintage valentines is spreading old-fashioned romance across the internet.

As one of Chicago’s oldest and most prestigious institutions unveils a new look, it also looks back at an event that transformed the city.

On the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s dramatic challenge to the Catholic Church, two local exhibitions reveal the astonishing impact of the Reformation.

Images like this one from Helen Balfour Morrison comprise the exhibition “Photographing Freetowns.”

A new exhibition at the Newberry Library features a rarely seen collection of work by a Chicago-area photographer who documented the history of small communities founded by former slaves after the Civil War.

Learn about a major Shakespeare exhibit at the Newberry Library and get an exclusive look at some rare artifacts that didn’t make the cut.

The runaway hit musical "Hamilton" premieres Tuesday in Chicago, but the Founding Father has been well represented here for a long time. We show you some original artifacts pertaining to Alexander Hamilton.

A political cartoon from the Newberry Library’s John T. McCutcheon collection depicts interviews with various voters about their thoughts concerning the 1936 election. Sentiments expressed then mirror opinions of today’s political landscape. Peruse the political cartoons.

'Civil War to Civil Rights' Covers More than 200 Years

From Jean Baptiste DuSable to Black Lives Matter, the new exhibit "Civil War to Civil Rights" traces the history of struggles and triumphs of Chicago's African-American community.