Heavily cited throughout the federal indictment against former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett are emails outlining the alleged kickback scheme tied to the controversial $20.5 million no-bid contract awarded to SUPES Academy. Tonight we’ll talk about the misconceptions and myths of email with Jeffrey Cramer, a former federal prosecutor who now heads the Chicago office of security firm Kroll. 

Sony Pictures is the latest victim of a cyber hack and data breach. The FBI is warning more cyber attacks are coming. We look at what it means for your wallet and security.

Web Do-it-Yourself Eye Exams Coming Soon

Do-it-yourself online eye exams could transform the world of optometry. We talk to a Crain’s Chicago Business reporter about a local start-up that has just scored $1 million in seed money to make it happen. 

How fast is your internet service and how much do you pay for it? Law professor Susan Crawford says that in the United States it's too slow and too much. She joins us.

Shopping in Chicago

Whenever one visits a foreign country, you always get a list from family members and friends which tells you about the things you are supposed to be carrying back for them. I, just like everyone, was also handed over that list. I won’t go too much into what I bought and what I avoided, but for the past couple of days, I was looking to buy a cell phone here.

Can Chicago become the country's high-speed internet hub? Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks so. We decode Chicago's broadband challenge.

At midnight, some of the internet's most popular websites are shutting down to protest possible changes to anti-piracy laws. We take a closer look at the possible fallout.

Data Centers

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

A data center is where all the information you find on the Internet is stored. We take a look inside one of the data centers in Chicago, and find out why the city has become a national hotbed of cyber-storage.