(Illinois Institute of Technology / John Ronan Architects)

An innovation hub opens this fall at the Illinois Institute of Technology. We speak with newly named executive director, Howard Tullman.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be all the rage, but is the so-called “blockchain” technology behind them the thing that could really change the world?

“I think three or four years into something it’s important to let new ideas come in. It’s important to turn over the leadership,” 1871 CEO Howard Tullman said. “I want to give other people the opportunity to move up.”

We talk with the man recently hired to turn the city’s high-tech incubator known as 1871 into a major technology hub.

Steve Jobs

"He changed the way each of us sees the world." Those are the words of President Obama on the death of Apple co-Founder Steve Jobs. We talk about the legacy of the technological visionary.