Abena Joan Brown

Abena Joan Brown died on Sunday at age 87. She was a pioneer of the African-American theater scene in Chicago and co-founded the ETA Creative Arts Foundation in 1971. We revisit her appearance on WTTW’s Artbeat Chicago program in 1998. During the segment, Brown talks about the early days of starting a theater company.

Cardinal Francis George has died at age 78 after years of battling cancer. Chicago Tonight looks back on his life and career.

Homaro Cantu, the talented chef and owner of Moto restaurant, has died.

Hundreds of mourners gathered Tuesday inside New York City's St. Ignatius Loyola Church as former three-term New York Gov. Mario Cuomo was laid to rest. 

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, who died at the age of 70, is remembered for her personality, beliefs, and sense of style. 

Legendary actor Mickey Rooney died at age 93. We look back at a clip featuring Rooney from our archives. Watch the full 1989 program about child stars called When We Were Young: Growing up on the Silver Screen.

Frankie Knuckles, Chicago's "godfather" of house music, died at age 59. Brandis Friedman has the story of his impact on Chicago's music culture. Watch a 2004 Artbeat special about Knuckles, and read thoughts and reflections from Chicagoans about the legendary DJ.

Legendary Chicago radio personality Larry Lujack died Wednesday at the age of 73. We look back at two of Lujack's appearances from WTTW's archives. Watch the web extra videos.

Nelson Mandela died at age 95. Watch web extra videos about the anti-apartheid icon from WTTW's archives.

Best-selling author Tom Clancy died at age 66. Back in 2002, Elizabeth Brackett interviewed Clancy on an episode of Chicago Tonight. Watch the web extra video from our archives.

Former Chicago Police Superintendent LeRoy Martin died at age 84. Watch a 1988 interview with Martin from WTTW's archives.

Chicago lost a versatile and talented artist when Ralph Childs died last week at age 62. We spoke with Ralph on the Artbeat Chicago show back in January 2005. Mark Ruffin was our correspondent at the time, and he caught up with Ralph Childs at an art exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Watch the web extra video from our archives.

Chicago cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina died today at age 69. Watch web extra video of Farina from WTTW's archives.

Blues singer Bobby Bland died at age 83. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and recipient of a lifetime achievement Grammy Award, Bland had a memorable performance in WTTW studios back in 1977 on Soundstage with B.B. King. Watch the web extra video.

Father Andrew Greeley was a provocative and controversial sociologist, writer and social commentator. He took on the church and wrote steamy novels. Greeley died Wednesday night. We look back at some conversations he had here on WTTW11.

Photographer Wayne Miller, whose work captured life on Chicago's South Side and war in the South Pacific, died yesterday at age 94. We revisit a 2009 Artbeat Chicago special featuring Miller.