The City Council is poised for a vote on raising the minimum wage this week.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called a special meeting of the City Council for next Tuesday, Dec. 2 to vote on hiking the city minimum wage.

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is sentenced to 30 months in prison, and his wife Sandi Jackson is sentenced to 12 months. We have the latest news and analysis. Read an article, view a timeline, and watch web extra videos from our archives.

Democratic candidate for governor Bill Daley reports raising $800,000 in just over two weeks. Paris Schutz has the latest on where the race stands.

A new ad campaign is turning heads and raising eyebrows. We talk with the commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health about this new effort to highlight teen pregnancy.

Oops! To the Derrick Smith campaign’s credit, the flyer came with a thin, white, strip of adhesive paper to cover the glaring typo.

Mitt Romney (left) and Rick Santorum

Republican presidential candidates crisscross the state looking for votes. Our Elizabeth Brackett followed Rick Santorum to downstate Dixon, Illinois. Elizabeth and Carol Marin take a look at Tuesday's primary.

David Axelrod

President Obama's longtime political strategist will head a new Institute of Politics at The University of Chicago. Elizabeth Brackett talks with David Axelrod about this new project, and the presidential campaign.

President Obama spoke at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago last week. How will his campaign change this time around? How will it stay the same? We speak with the author of a new article that compares the 2007 candidate with the current one.