Mayor Rahm Emanuel hangs it up, J.B. Pritzker defeats Gov. Bruce Rauner, and the Chicago Police Department has a tumultuous year. We recap the top stories of the year and predict the biggest of 2019.

An October surprise in the governor’s race. Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivers his final budget address. Chance the Rapper rolls the dice on the mayoral election. And the Bears prep for the Patriots.

With less than a month to Election Day, the Illinois governor’s race turns into a verbal cage match. Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke is transferred out of Cook County. The Trump administration opposes the city’s police consent decree. And does Kris Bryant really say no to $200 million? 

Why accepting cash could become a thing of the past. The growing trend for businesses to go cashless.

Once the world's largest specialty apparel chain, Gap Inc. will now be closing 175 locations nationwide. Why will it shut down a quarter of its fleet? We talk with Crain's Chicago Business reporter Brigid Sweeney.

Walgreens is closing 200 stores in the U.S. -- the most the company has done at once. The cost-cutting move comes as a result of the merger with Boots Alliance. Crain's Chicago Business retail reporter Brigid Sweeney has the latest details.

Will Walgreens & Cosi Move from Illinois?

We take a closer look at whether Deerfield-based Walgreens will move to Switzerland due to pressure from a block of investors. And could Cosi, the struggling restaurant chain also based in Deerfield, be moving out of state? Brigid Sweeney from Crain’s Chicago Business gives us the details. View a timeline of Walgreens' history.

Dominick’s parent company Safeway is completely pulling out of the Chicago market. Jewel-Osco has bought four stores, but the future of the 68 other grocery stores is uncertain. Our panel looks at what this means for food availability and the economic impact on the neighborhoods affected.