A memorial for three-year-old Lily Shambrook at the Uptown intersection where she was killed by a driver while riding in a carrier on her mother’s bike is pictured on June 12, 2022. (Nick Blumberg / WTTW News)

The walk-and-roll rally on Sunday began at Leavitt Street and Eastwood Avenue in Lincoln Square, where 2-year-old Raphael “Rafi” Cardenas was struck and killed by a driver June 2 while he was crossing the street on a scooter. At last report, the driver has not been cited.

A Chicago design firm is competing with others around the country to create a new, better bike for city riding. All the designs were unveiled Friday, July 25. Phil Ponce will test drive the new bike Monday, July 28, and talk with the designers.

Chicago's new bike share program was a hit with commuters this summer, but can it hold up during the winter? And what happens behind the scenes to make sure bikes are available and ready to go at one of the 300 locations throughout the city? Paris Schutz takes a rare look inside. Read an article.

This Friday, the city unveils a new bike share program called Divvy. We talk with Gabe Klein, commissioner for the Department of Transportation, about what to expect. View a map and learn more about the program.