During his first in a planned series of interviews with Chicago Tonight, Mayor Emanuel asserted he balanced the city’s budget in each of the last four years. But while the budgets may have been balanced on paper, budget analysts and journalists say the record is far muddier.

As Gov. Bruce Rauner lays out his policy priorities in his first State of the State address, Illinois lawmakers analyze what he had to say -- and what we can expect from his budget address later this month.

Bruce Rauner has won the Republican gubernatorial primary and will face incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in the November election. Carol Marin and a roundtable of top political reporters digest last night’s primary election results and look ahead at how the races are shaping up for November. View an interactive graphic of March Primary Election results.

Wish you could get decision-making down to a science? University of Illinois professor Ali Abbas is a leader in the decision analysis field and has created a social website that breaks down theory and practice for its users to make quality life choices. He joins us. Read an interview.

We discuss the governor's state of the state address and pivotal election issues with our Chicago media panel.

It turns out pension reform could save $15 billion less than legislative leaders initially anticipated. An actuarial analysis done by the pension systems affected by this bill say the real savings will be $145 billion, rather than the $160 billion originally advertised. Read an article.

Now that the School Board has voted to close 50 schools, what happens next? We have analysis.

Plans are already underway for a special election to fill the seat in the 2nd Congressional District in the wake of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s resignation. We tell you what's next.

President Obama wins a second term, and Republicans maintain control of the House. Carol Marin and her panel analyze election outcomes and the future of the GOP.

Carol Marin and her guests break down what happened in Illinois' General Assembly races last night.

Tomorrow is Election Day and the Presidential candidates are criss-crossing the country one last time.  How accurate are the polls?  What's happening in swing states? And what are the critical demographics of this election? Carol Marin and her panel have the latest.

President Obama and Mitt Romney talk foreign policy -- for the most part -- in the final presidential debate. But the two show few differences in their world view. We assess their global perspectives.

Who came out on top after the first presidential debate? We have the analysis.