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More and more colleges and universities are making vaccination for COVID-19 a requirement in the fall. Other businesses are more circumspect. But during a global pandemic, should vaccines be mandatory? And what are your rights if you refuse a vaccine?


Satirists strive to challenge, critique and confront society’s absurdities or injustices through their humor. “(Satire is) really trying to catch your attention to say something so you’re aware of it so we can possibly change it,” said Al Gini, co-author of “The Sanity of Satire.”

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With Illinois’ stay-at-home order in place through the end of May, some of us are looking to pick up new hobbies — or new books. We asked a trio of book lovers to share their picks.

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Summer in Chicago: There never seems to be enough of it, especially with so many things to do – and read. Need a good recommendation? Here are 15 wide-ranging options from three Chicago authors.

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What to read this summer? We asked a trio of local authors what books they’re taking to the beach. Here are their top picks.

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A great joke can make you laugh, but can it also help you face life’s mysteries? A new book makes the case that jokes not only delight us, but help us approach difficult subject matter.

If you're headed to a beach somewhere to bake on the sand for a while ... well, first of all, don't forget the sunscreen. But just as importantly, don't forget to bring a bag full of books to keep you company. 

No more pencils, but plenty of books. As we gear up for summer, we discuss some of the hot reads for the season with our literary panel.

Are leaders born or bred? Loyola University business ethics professor Al Gini joins us to discuss his book, 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders. Read an excerpt. 

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Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o's internet girlfriend is revealed to be an elaborate prank. We have more on how fake online personas are created.

Three Chicago literary experts join us to discuss their top choices for summer reading.