Chad Grimm

Chad Grimm, the Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Governor, visits Chicago Tonight to talk about his vision for Illinois and why he sees himself as the only legitimate candidate for change.

We’re at the six-month mark to the General Election. The gubernatorial race heats up as both Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican candidate Bruce Rauner come under scrutiny. We take a look at that and more.

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan throws a curveball, asking voters to approve a possible 3 percent surcharge on millionaires to help pay for education. How does that play into a governor’s race that has already become about class warfare? Paris Schutz has the details on that, and how high-profile Democrats and Independents are coming out in support of Bruce Rauner. Read Newt Minow's endorsement of Rauner.

The March Primary is over and the parties are coalescing around their respective candidates for governor. Paris Schutz has more on what is shaping up as a bruising battle. Read an article and view a map of Republican gubernatorial votes by county.

Bruce Rauner has won the Republican gubernatorial primary and will face incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in the November election. Check out the winners for key races in the March Primary Election.

GOP Governor Forum

We share what you had to say about our GOP Governor Forum when we read some of our viewer feedback.

Watch web extra video clips of the Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidates from the post-forum news conference.

Republican gubernatorial candidates  -- Bruce Rauner, Bill Brady, and Kirk Dillard – gave a brief news conference following the GOP Governor Forum. Read an article.

The Republican candidates for Illinois governor join us for a special one-hour candidate forum, moderated by Phil Ponce. Joining us are Bill BradyDan RutherfordKirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner. View timelines of the candidates' political careers and a behind-the-scenes slideshow, and read a recap of our live chat.

Paris Schutz reports on why some powerful unions are urging Democratic members to cross over and vote Republican in next week’s gubernatorial election. Read an article.

Republican Illinois gubernatorial candidates Bruce Rauner, Dan Rutherford and Bill Brady provide information regarding their charitable contributions. Read an article.

Republican Illinois Lieutenant Governor candidate Jil Tracy was the last candidate to release her tax return ahead of Tuesday's March 18 Primary. Read an article about the tax returns filed by Republican gubernatorial candidates and their running mates.

Steve Kim

Republican candidates for Illinois Lieutenant Governor -- Maria Rodriguez, Steve Kim, and Jil Tracy -- gave a brief news conference following the forum. Read an article.

For the first time in Illinois, the Lieutenant Governor candidates are running with a candidate for governor. We meet the four Republican candidates and hear their vision for their jobs, and for Illinois. Read an article and a recap of our live online chat.

Legislators gather in Springfield today to hash out plans for moving the state forward. Budget proposals, tax hike remedies and the ever-present pension reform issue hang in the balance as the Republican primary draws near. Is progress being made on these issues in the state capital? Do Illinois governor hopefuls have new ideas for state reform, and will we hear about them before the March 18 primary? We have analysis.

Eddie Arruza and his panel of journalists discuss whether State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is being treated fairly by the media in the wake of the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him. Watch the web extra video.