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Following the final Republican gubernatorial forum, Bruce Rauner gave a rare press conference with reporters.

When Rauner was asked about his view of reporters, he said reporters are “critically important to disseminating information and getting at issues.”

While Rauner said he enjoys speaking with the press, he follows the recommendations of his campaign advisers and spends most of his time interacting directly with voters at events.

With voters in mind, Rauner said he is working on getting term limits on the November ballot.

“We are going to get term limits on the ballot so the voters can decide for themselves if they want term limits,” he said, adding 300,000 signatures will be needed by May 4. “We probably need 450,000 because politicians will try to throw names off.”

While Rauner’s opponents have made numerous attacks on him, Rauner said he ignores the attacks and is focused on winning the Primary Election and defeating Gov. Pat Quinn. Watch Rauner's full remarks below:



Sen. Kirk Dillard questioned Rauner’s ability to shake up Springfield with the number of scandals surrounding him.

“Bruce Rauner has more controversies than O’Hare has stacked up airplanes waiting to land,” Dillard said, adding he hears about new scandals weekly. “I think it needs to be buyer beware in Illinois.”

While some advertisements attacking Rauner have recently been pulled, Dillard said he does not involve himself with unions’ strategies and that he is focused on his own strategy, selling his unique ability to work with Democrats.

Dillard also said Rauner does not have a “good grasp” on the Office of the Governor, and that Rauner needs to tell people where he stands on social issues.

“We have these [social] issues all the time,” Dillard said. “[Rauner] has to tell you and the voters who the heck he is.”

Watch Dillard's full remarks below:



Sen. Bill Brady also said a gubernatorial candidate should let voters know where he stands on social issues.

“You don’t have to have an agenda to push a lot of issues, but you have to let people know where you’re at,” Brady said. “We have to deal with social issues in this state every day, whether it be food stamps, or whether it be Medicaid, or whether it be the question of health facilities, other things like that.”

Four years ago, Brady won the GOP gubernatorial nomination and faced Quinn in the General Election, and while Brady isn’t the frontrunner in the GOP gubernatorial race, he said “it feels better than it did four years ago.”

“We have greater grassroots support,” Brady said. “There’s no question. People of Illinois know I would’ve been a better governor than Pat Quinn. I’m a reliable Republican. People know that. I’ve proven to be the only reliable Republican in this race.”

Watch Brady's full remarks below:



Treasurer Dan Rutherford did not stay for the post-forum news conference. 

Watch the forum here and read a recap of our live online chat. And watch the candidates full remarks from the post-forum conference here.

~Graphic created by Taurean Small

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