After all the polling, robo-calls and attack ads, the party is over. Who is left standing? We talk about the winners and what is ahead for Illinois and the nation with our panel. 

Republican Bruce Rauner will be the next Illinois governor as Pat Quinn officially conceded at 3:30 pm Wednesday.

The latest poll shows the gubernatorial race in a dead heat between the two front-runners. We analyze the numbers and the final five-day push before Election Day on Tuesday.

Chad Grimm

Chad Grimm, the Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Governor, visits Chicago Tonight to talk about his vision for Illinois and why he sees himself as the only legitimate candidate for change.

Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner will debate for the second time ahead of the Nov. 4 election. Paris Schutz will have the latest from tonight's debate between the gubernatorial hopefuls, locked in a tight race.

In Evanston this afternoon, President Obama makes the case that the economy is better under his watch, but acknowledges the middle class hasn't fully felt it.

Time Running Out for State to Apply for Federal Funds

The governor says nearly 700,000 state residents have signed up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. But could inaction in Springfield cost the state big in federal health care funds?

We're just five weeks away from the November election and debates are getting more heated, ads are becoming more personal, and candidate campaign offices are popping up on the city's South Side. Chicago Tonight takes a look at the key races.

Rauner and the Gubernatorial Election

The Nov. 4 election is rapidly approaching, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner isn’t any closer to revealing his plans for running the state. Rauner recently appeared before Crain’s editorial board, and Greg Hinz joins us to talk about Rauner’s visit and the upcoming election.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has told his life story through commercials, interviews, and articles. Are you curious about the life events Rauner’s campaign hasn’t revealed? One reporter has the answers.

Another day, another set of accusations of corruption from Illinois’ candidates for governor.

Carol Marin and her panel look behind the latest poll numbers for the upcoming elections.

Pension reform is one of the biggest issues facing the state. Our panel discusses what pension reform looks like under Gov. Pat Quinn and GOP challenger Bruce Rauner, and what voters need to know.

Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner face off during a joint appearance before the Chicago Tribune editorial board.

GOP candidate for governor Bruce Rauner unveils a plan to increase education funding for early childhood, K-12, and college. But critics say he has no way to pay for it.

As Labor Day passes, the campaigns for governor are accelerating into full gear. Paris Schutz has the latest.