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Rauner Unveils Education Plan

Illinois ranks last in the country in terms of state funding for public education. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner unveiled his plan to reform the education system from early childhood all the way through college. It includes allocating more money to the public school system, as well as action on charter schools and teacher tenure. Rauner's plan looks to bridge the gap between public and private insititutions when it comes to higher education.

"We should ensure that every student in Illinois is prepared properly for the workforce. Illinois should significantly expand public-private partnerships between high schools, community colleges, four-year universities and employers."

-Rauner Reform from Bruce Rauner's Bring Back Blueprint on Education Reform

But critics say he has no way to pay for it. While Rauner looks to create "world-class schools" by increasing school funding, his vow not to raise income taxes or property taxes to do so left critics wondering where the money would come from.

Rauner's 26-page outline also included consolidating school agencies, providing a $250 tax credit for teachers who spend their money on school supplies, and encouraging the expansion of charter schools.