The Week in Review: Kinzinger on January 6, Rotering on Assault Weapons Ban

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger and the Jan. 6 Committee laid out what former President Donald Trump did — and didn’t — do during the Capitol insurrection at the latest congressional hearing.  “President Trump did not fail to act during the 187 minutes between leaving the Ellipse and telling the mob to go home. He chose not to act,” said Kinzinger. 

Meanwhile, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering testified before a Senate committee in support of banning assault weapons nationally. 

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In campaign news, the culture war for the governor’s race is heating up. High-capacity guns, abortion rights, contraception access, and marriage equality are each key battles. 

Darren Bailey is running low on cash while the state’s incumbent billionaire Gov. J.B. Pritzker is sidelined from the campaign trial after contracting COVID-19. 

In City Hall, Ald. Michele Smith (43rd Ward) is stepping down next month before the end of her term. 

Mayor Lightfoot gets her long-fought ethics ordinance passed unanimously, albeit watered down. 

Lightfoot also green-lights NASCAR races in the Loop upsetting downtown alderpeople as City Council approves a drifting/donuts/drag racing ordinance. 

The mayor won the tussle over lowering speed camera limits in City Council. 

And federal officials say the metal scrapper move from Lincoln Park to the Southeast side was a violation of residents’ civil rights.  


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