Fall Gardening Tips From Eliza Fournier of the Chicago Botanic Garden

Eliza Fournier returns to Chicago Tonight with fall gardening tips from the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Some of her recommendations include:

  • Take cuttings from annuals such as geraniums, coleus and begonias. Pot them, bring them indoors and place in a south-facing window.
  • Create a winter herb garden by digging up selected herbs (such as parsley, rosemary and sage) and repotting in smaller pots. Be sure to cut back the plants and change the dirt to a soilless mix.
  • Continue to harvest vegetables as they ripen. If an early frost threatens, cover the crops with light blankets.
  • Plant cool season vegetables – now is a fine time to plant peas, lettuces, Swiss chard and turnips.
  • Think ahead – plant bulbs now for spring and summer blooms.
  • Bring your indoor plant in soon. Check for bugs and clean the leaves before you bring inside. Consider repotting and changing soil. Put them in a sunny spot away from heat vents.
  • If you buy mums from your favorite garden shop, plant them in the ground. They will last longer.
  • Continue to water large trees and shrubs (especially evergreens) until the ground freezes hard.

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