Cool May and Wet June Create Gardening Challenges

The Chicago Tonight garden continues to deliver fresh vegetables at a prolific rate, but cool weather in May and very wet June has led to an inconsistent growing season.

“Each garden, we’re finding, is its own microcosm this year,” said organic gardener Jeanne Nolan, who stopped by Wednesday to harvest the WTTW garden. “Some are bountiful and others are delayed. That weather stressed out the plants some, and we’re seeing the results of it.”

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Beans, peppers and sunflower seeds were all ready for harvesting Wednesday, though it appears that squirrels and birds have also enjoyed the sunflowers.

Nolan says she wants more gardeners to realize the benefits of succession planting.

“When you plan a little bit, and, throughout the season, include planting in your gardening tasks, you really reap the benefits of it, because you have fresh, young, tender produce throughout the season,” Nolan said.

See our guide to growing crops in Chicago for more ideas.

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