Cardinal Blase Cupich Takes on Chicago Violence

Ten people were killed and 42 others were wounded by gunfire over the weekend in Chicago. There have been 349 people gunned down since the beginning of the year.

But now the Chicago Archdiocese and Cardinal Blase Cupich are taking on violence in Chicago with the strong backing of Pope Francis.  

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“The causes of the violence we are seeing in our city are complex and deep seated,” said Cupich. “But I have a strong belief, based on the good will and the many dedicated efforts of our civic and religious leaders, that these causes can be addressed and the suffering can end if we all work together.”

The archdiocese’s anti-violence and peace building initiatives will build onto the work many are already doing within the Catholic Church’s programs and also with non-Catholic programs.

The cardinal has also seeded a philanthropic fund, The Instruments of Peace Fund, with $250,000 from his personal charitable works account to help programs like Father Michael Pfleger’s violence intervention at St. Sabina Church.

Cupich joins host Phil Ponce in discussion.

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