Bruising Battle Over Lucas Museum Site Continues

Friends of the Parks has made some powerful enemies – including Mayor Rahm Emanuel – with its continuing opposition to any lakefront site for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. The mayor’s office said last week that the preservation group's “inconsistent and incoherent positions” have made them impossible to work with.

But Juanita Irizarry, executive director of Friends of the Parks, apparently isn't feeling the heat. "We're comfortable with where we stand on the issue, and donations are up and we are feeling like a lot of Chicagoans are behind us," she said.

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Friends of the Parks has said that it does not support a new proposal to build the museum at the site of McCormick Place East.

“We’d love to see a park there, certainly. But we don’t think, however, that fixing the mistake that was putting McCormick Place East there is fixed by creating a new building there,” Irizarry told host Carol Marin on “Chicago Tonight.”

Emanuel and many others are keen on bringing the museum to Chicago along with all of the jobs and multimillion-dollar investment that comes with it. But movie mogul and “Star Wars” director George Lucas is reportedly ready to look elsewhere, having grown weary of opposition to the project.

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After that announcement, Emanuel made a last-ditch legal move to try and keep the museum in Chicago by asking an appeals court to throw out the preservation’s group lawsuit entirely.

Meanwhile, the legal battle over the original lakefront site proposed for the project, adjacent to Soldier Field, drags on (a hearing slated for Tuesday was rescheduled to June 15).  

Carol Summerfield, chief strategy officer and director for the Chicago-based Museum Revolution, recently wrote an editorial about why the museum should reside on the Museum Campus.

She argues that, “The farther away the Lucas Museum is built from other cultural institutions, the less likely it will draw a crowd. Easy tourist access can be the difference between a museum that thrives and one that is empty.”

“The option that you look at if you’re a museum and you build there is that you have to create a city within a city, because the amenities are not going to be there,” Summerfield told Marin. “You get a sealed environment in which it might provide business opportunities for people who work within the space, but what you’re not going to do is actually see the lift in the surrounding communities.” 

Friends of the Parks has said it supports putting the museum on the former site of the Michael Reese hospital.

“It’s not very far from the existing campus of museums, and it adds things to the Bronzeville community and other things happening in that area,” Irizarry said.

But Summerfield said that’s a challenged site for a couple of reasons.

“One is that it is going to be something that is unlikely to pull tourists in. It is just far enough away, and it’s a neighborhood in which the Lucas Museum becomes the reason for the neighborhood to lift, as opposed to both of them working symbiotically."

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