Chicago Teachers Union Gets ‘Serious Offer’ from Chicago Public Schools

Karen Lewis on Jan. 20 responds to a proposal by Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican leaders for a state takeover of CPS.Karen Lewis on Jan. 20 responds to a proposal by Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican leaders for a state takeover of CPS.

Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union have been in protracted negotiations over a new teachers contract.

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Earlier this evening, the union announced a possible breakthrough after the day's bargaining session wrapped up, saying it had received a "serious offer" from the district.

In a statement, union president Karen Lewis said "the basic framework calls for economic concessions in exchange for enforceable protections of education quality and job security."

The potential agreement now goes to a 40-person committee of union members who will discuss and vote on the deal Monday.

During a one-on-one interview on Thursday night with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on "Chicago Tonight," the mayor wouldn't discuss details of the tentative agreement, including questions about the possible removal of the 7 percent pension pickup that has long been a sticking point with teachers.

"I think it's better for me to characterize it as very good discussions," Emanuel said. "It's been a very honest and healthy working relationship over a number of weeks. My general rule is to respect their process, but to know that there was a good-faith effort on both sides to get to a point of mutual agreement. In these type of situations, I want to respect the process, respect the people who worked hard at this. At this point, less said is better."


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