(Skitterphoto / Pixabay)

The new Clean Water Workforce Pipeline program will train workers for water-related jobs, such as those required for treating wastewater and replacing lead pipes. 

In a photograph titled “West Bull Nose,” Brad Temkin depicts one of the exits of Chicago’s Deep Tunnel. (Brad Temkin / The Field Museum)

Chicago photographer Brad Temkin offers a rare look at the hidden network of tunnels and infrastructure designed to deliver water, including Chicago’s 109-mile Deep Tunnel.

Jay Shefsky visits the Thornton Quarry and goes to the bottom of Deep Tunnel to see where the water will flow into the new reservoir later this year.    

As water is increasingly recognised as a precious resource, we look at Chicago's water future.

The Environmental Protection Agency sampled a small number of Chicago homes and found higher levels of lead where water pipes were disturbed by street work and plumbing repairs. We have analysis. Read the EPA study.

Heavy rains swept through the Chicago area Wednesday morning challenging commuters and the engineers at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Read an article.

Cardinal Francis George had a firm message for the mayor and other city leaders today: restore free water service to religious nonprofits. Paris Schutz has the story.

A new documentary takes you deep inside India's clean water crisis through the eyes of Northwestern University students struggling to figure out how they can help – or whether they can at all. It premieres on WTTW11 at 9:00 pm. We get a preview.

Residents pay for water, but religious leaders say their organizations should not. Paris Schutz has more on why the issue has brought all faiths together.

Lake Michigan water levels have hit record lows, and some experts say it could lead the Chicago River to un-reverse and start flowing back into the lake. Elizabeth Brackett reports.

From an ancient form of water transportation to a hip new summer sport, we show you why this unique hybrid is making a splash at Chicago beaches.