As prosecutors wrap up their case against former Chicago cop Steve Mandell, accused in a murder plot, Eddie Arruza brings us up to date on the grizzly details of the case.

The "NATO 3" have been acquitted of all terrorism-related charges. Instead, they were found guilty of much lesser mob action and arson charges. Read an article.

Were they violent terrorist conspirators or three angry young men entrapped by undercover cops? Paris Schutz has the details from opening day of the NATO 3 trial.

Three protesters who were accused of terrorism during the Chicago NATO summit in 2012 are in court today for the first day of their trial. Paris Schutz has the latest. Read the criminal complaint.

Two defendants lay out bribery schemes allegedly involving Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios at the Cook County Board of Review. Elizabeth Brackett has the details. Read the full indictment.

Donald Trump appears in a Chicago courtroom. We tell you why -- and what he had to say.

On day four of the tax evasion trial of Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, the tide may have turned in favor of the defendant. We have the latest.

The trial of Cook County Commissioner William Beavers is underway. Paris Schutz has more on what to expect as the trial goes forward.

Daley nephew R.J. Vanecko makes his first court appearance--and lands a judge with connections to the Chicago dynasty. Carol Marin has more.

Opening statements are underway in the trial of Drew Peterson, who is accused of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Elizabeth Brackett reports.

Roger Clemens

A full acquittal for Roger Clemens, the baseball great beating charges he lied to Congress about steroids. ESPN's Lester Munson joins us to talk about what the case means for baseball and beyond.

William Balfour; Image credit: Cook County Sheriff's Dept.

Homegrown actress Jennifer Hudson was present for Day 8 of testimony in the trial involving the murder of three family members. WBEZ's Natalie Moore has the latest.

Former Gov. George Ryan

The U.S. Supreme Court sent George Ryan's case back to an appeals court today. If Ryan wins the appeal, he could be out of prison within the next six months. Elizabeth Brackett reports.

William Balfour; Image credit: Cook County Sheriff's Dept.

Is justice near for the slain family members of singer Jennifer Hudson? And how much does her celebrity complicate the case? We have details from the murder trial.

Preventing the rejection of organ transplants. Could new research hold the key to long-term success? Ash-har Quraishi takes a look in this edition of Scientific Chicago.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

The sentencing hearing of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich began on Tuesday. Elizabeth Brackett was in court and has the details.