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If you were planning to buy a new home, should you do it before rates rise again?  What if you need to upgrade your car? And is it good to pay off your credit card completely, or should you carry a small balance to boost your credit score?

President Donald Trump: “I think the Fed has gone crazy.”

A market that has grown used to cheap money over the past decade is becoming increasingly concerned that the Federal Reserve will aggressively raise benchmark interest rates.

Some 143 million Americans may have had personal information stolen in the cyberattack of credit-reporting company Equifax. What you need to do immediately.

Another record-setting day on Wall Street. What’s propelling the stock surge—and can it last?

President Donald Trump aims to cut financial regulations. We discuss how the banking and financial industries might change under his administration.

Tougher regulations for financial advisers are aimed at protecting consumers planning for retirement. But could new rules make it harder to get investment advice?

With divorce a reality for half of all marriages, we take a look at the financial realities of moving on.

We have the latest details and analysis on the stock market.

Government Shutdown

Earlier this week, Phil Ponce spoke with financial analyst Terry Savage and economics professor Edward Stuart about the government shutdown. It was a lively conversation and it brought in a lot of reaction. We share what some of you had to say in tonight's viewer feedback.

Just how serious is the government shutdown? Federal employees missing paychecks will feel it, but what about the economy as a whole? And who is really to blame? We have analysis.

Markets react negatively to Chairman Ben Bernanke’s remarks that the Federal Reserve may taper bond buying in the next year. We take a closer look at the fluctuation in the stock and bond markets, the state of the economic stimulus and recovery, as well as Bernanke’s future.

Terry Savage

The post-holiday spending bills are hitting the mail and inboxes this week. We look at how to tame your overall finances in 2012.


Terry Savage vs. Zimbabwe Prime Minister

Did we give financial analyst Terry Savage short shrift last week in favor of our interview with the prime minister of Zimbabwe? We have some of your thoughts in tonight's Viewer Mail.

Terry Savage

Are senior citizens bailing out banks by accepting low deposit interest rates? Author and Chicago Sun-Times Financial Columnist Terry Savage joins us to talk about what she calls the "generation wars."