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We all know Chicago as the city of neighborhoods, but how exactly are those neighborhoods defined? And do those boundaries last mapped out in the 1920s still hold true? That’s what a group of scholars and researchers from the University of Chicago is venturing to find out.

Shermann “Dilla” Thomas and his family at a March 31, 2022, fundraiser for his Chicago Mahogany Tours. (Credit: Vashon Jordan Jr.)

The event was part of Shermann “Dilla” Thomas’ “Let’s Get Dilla A Bus” fundraiser to raise $200,000 for the his Chicago Mahogany Tours. It’s an opportunity that came to Thomas after be gained recognition on social media for his informative TikTok’s that educate the public on Chicago’s history.

Cartoonist Jackie Ormes. (Courtesy of Nancy Goldstein)

As we close out Black History Month, the last Chicago history maker in our spotlight series is a famous cartoonist. Jackie Ormes broke barriers as the first Black woman cartoonist to be published in a newspaper. 

Dr. Roscoe Conkling Giles was a pioneering African American doctor in Chicago. (Cornell University)

This week’s Chicago Black History Maker spotlight is Dr. Roscoe Conkling Giles, who at age 27 became the first African American to lead the city health department. 

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To celebrate Black History Month, we’re spotlighting a Chicago Black history maker every week. This week’s history maker is Vivian Harsh, Chicago’s first Black librarian. 

Here in Chicago, Dr. King led the Chicago freedom movement to fight for open and affordable housing. (Courtesy “American Experience: Eye on the Prize”)

The nation marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday. Dr. King led the Chicago freedom movement to fight for open and affordable housing. United Way of Metro Chicago will hold a Zoom webinar where local Tik-Tok star and urban historian Shermann “Dilla” Thomas will share some facts about the movement.

Local historian Shermann Thomas took “Chicago Party Aunt” Chris Witaske to the South Side. (WTTW News)

“Chicago Party Aunt,” based on the fictional Twitter account by Chris Witaske went national last September with the premiere of the Netflix series. But Witaske has roots primarily in the western suburbs which leaves some things out. So another Chicago social media star gave him a tour of a prominent South Side neighborhood.

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Legendary Chicago historian and activist Timuel Black died Wednesday at the age of 102. We discuss the legacy of Timuel Black with Laura Washington and Shermann “Dilla” Thomas. 

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Urban historian Shermann “Dilla” Thomas gives us the last word on how knowing the city’s past can change the energy of its future.