The head honchos at The Second City discuss their book about the importance of improv in everyday life.

The School Project is a Chicago-based documentary series that is tracking the past and present status of the city's public school system. The third segment explores school disciplinary policies and the effects they have on students, the community, and society as a whole.

David Axelrod has had a long and storied career as a political consultant. His new memoir, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics covers not just his time working for President Obama in the White House, but also delves into his personal struggle in dealing with his father's death, his early career, and family life. Axelrod joins us to discuss his work and political musings.

The 87th Academy Awards are on Sunday and there is substantial buzz over who will win Best Picture. From the innovative film Birdman starring Michael Keaton to Richard Linklater's work Boyhood that spanned 12 years, the competition is stiff. Who made the cut and who got snubbed? Chicago film critics Jeanne Kaplan and Ray Pride join us to discuss the year's best films.

The South Side Little League team that won the U.S. Championship and was the toast of the town this summer is stripped of its title. We have analysis.

It has been thought that almost nothing can survive in the watery depths near the South Pole. But a group of researchers sent a robot armed with a camera a half-mile below Antarctic ice and discovered an entire ecosystem. It is the farthest south that fish have ever been found.