Rick Bayless takes Eddie Arruza on a tour of his Bucktown garden. Bayless uses many of the crops he grows in his backyard in his restaurants and at home. With fall around the corner, Bayless prepares a seasonal dish using vegetables from his garden. 

America's Test Kitchen Founder Christopher Kimball shares some recipes for Thanksgiving. Read the recipes.

Mushroom and Kale Royal Pie

Our panel of expert chefs and restaurant owners – Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson of Pleasant House Bakery, Dan Smith of Hearty Boys, and Cleetus Friedman of Fountainhead – weighs in on how you can get the most out of dining out this summer. View some recipes.

Are some of the plants in your garden already dying? Or are the top-heavy plants face down in the mud? The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Eliza Fournier joins us. Read her summer gardening tips.

Rick Bayless Shares Cocktail Recipe for Valentine's Day

Top Chef and Mexico: One Plate at a Time host Rick Bayless shares his recipe for a Mexican El Diablo cocktail. 

Chef Rick Bayless joins us in studio, sharing recipes from his signature restaurant, Frontera Grill.

Charlie Trotter

It's the end of a culinary era in Chicago. Charlie Trotter is closing his acclaimed and influential restaurant.  We tell you what's behind his decision.

Nut-Crusted Chicken Breasts. Image credit: America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen host and Cook's Illustrated magazine editor in chief Christopher Kimball is here with his latest creation--a 900-page cookbook!