As the NATO summit draws increasingly closer, Chicagoans are preparing for an influx of people traveling to protest the international gathering.

What are black bloc protesters, and how is Chicago preparing for their violent tactics? Paris Schutz reports. 

Clowns -- that's right, clowns -- are coming to Chicago this week to protest the "absurdity" of NATO.

Occupy Chicago protesters are kicking off their "10 Days of Action" this week, including plans to march without permits and "shut down" Boeing's North Riverside Plaza headquarters.

Occupy Chicago is a spawn of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which originated in New York City.

Protesters storm the 5th floor of City Hall, and take on Chicago financial exchanges. Paris Schutz has the latest on a day of demonstrations.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs Image credit: European Parliament / Pietro Naj-Oleari

Reclaiming power from Wall Street corporations, as well as higher taxes on the rich, are at the center of a new book called The Price of Civilization. We talk with New York Times best-selling author Jeffrey Sachs. 

Protests by the Occupy Chicago group continue for a 26th day despite weekend arrests of more than 175 supporters. Ash-har Quraishi has the story.

Their numbers are growing. The self-named "Occupy" protestors are upset about the economy and unemployment. But who are they? Elizabeth Brackett talks to some of the organizers about this wave of anti-corporate protests.