Peggy Lipschutz is passionate about painting. She is perhaps best known as a painter of social and political causes. This past fall an exhibit at the Noyes Cultural Center showcased her decades-long career. We revisit Jay Shefsky's tour of the exhibit and talk with this prolific painter.

Jay Shefsky has introduced "Chicago Tonight" viewers to a wide variety of everyday Chicagoans, such as 96-year-old Evanston painter Peggy Lipschutz and beehive rescuer Dan Parizek. Now, more than 50 of Jay’s stories have been collected into season three of "Jay’s Chicago," which premieres Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on WTTW11. Jay joins us to talk more about his upcoming season.

Slow Roll Chicago founders with Jay Shefsky.

Chicago Tonight's Jay Shefsky talks with the founders of a local cycling movement that focuses on South and West Side neighborhoods. Meet the duo behind Slow Roll Chicago. 

In May, Chicago Tonight profiled the work of CoRiccio Baskin who has been creating miniature replicas of everyday objects for more than 20 years. We revisit that story. 

Each year, Chicago-based Working Bikes collects thousands of used bikes and sends them to partner organizations in Africa and Latin America. There, bike mechanics are trained, bikes are refurbished and local residents get critical personal transportation. Jay Shefsky visited Working Bikes and helped pack a shipping container.

Earlier this spring, Jay Shefsky visited a Chicago family that has added goats to the chickens, ducks, and bees in their backyard farm. We revisit that story. 

CoRiccio Baskin has been making tiny, remarkably accurate replicas of everyday objects for more than 20 years. Jay Shefsky has a profile.

Jay Shefsky visits the Thornton Quarry and goes to the bottom of Deep Tunnel to see where the water will flow into the new reservoir later this year.    

Former Skinhead Leader Reflects on Personal Transformation

Christian Picciolini was once a neo-Nazi skinhead leader in Chicago. Today he runs an organization called Life After Hate. Jay Shefsky tells the story of Picciolini's remarkable transformation.  

Jay Shefsky visits a Chicago family that has added goats to the chickens, ducks, and bees in their backyard farm.  

We revisit a profile Jay Shefsky did on a Chicago artist on a personal crusade to paint and preserve 200 rare native plants.

Homeless youth are one of Chicago’s most vulnerable populations. Estimates vary, but roughly 2,000 Chicago teens are thought to be homeless each night. But homelessness for youth often looks very different than it does for adults. Advocates call it "housing instability." We visit one program trying to prevent these teens from becoming chronically homeless adults.    

Bison are once again roaming Illinois prairies. It's been more than 175 years since the last wild bison died in this state, but as of October they are back, thanks to The Nature Conservancy project in western Illinois called Nachusa Grasslands.

Credit: Christopher Drake

The Unusual Mating Rituals of the Animal Kingdom

The Lincoln Park Zoo is putting on a Valetine's Day-themed after hours event that delves into the unusual mating habits and reproductive traits of the animal kingdom. Jay Shefsky spoke with the zoo's general curator, Dave Bernier, about some of their animals' perplexing courtship rituals.

As baby boomers age, the rate of Alzheimer's disease climbs steadily. A program at Northwestern University pairs Alzheimer's patients in the early stages of the disease with first-year medical students to add a human dimension to their scientific and clinical studies.

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative marks its 25th anniversary.