Spike, a corpse plant, on Aug. 3, left, Aug. 26, center, and Sept. 1 at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

We conduct a postmortem on Spike, the smelly corpse flower that failed to bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden. What happened? Paris Schutz has the story.

Spike was "flashing signals" on Aug. 26.

After much anticipation, the Chicago Botanic Garden on Saturday night announced that Spike is not expected to bloom. 

The Chicago Botanic Garden is on death watch. Officials there say the famed titan arum plant, more popularly known as the "corpse flower," could bloom in a matter of hours and emit its notorious foul odor. Chicago Tonight was on the scene on Wednesday. Also, watch a livestream of the famous plant called Spike.

The corpse flower Spike is set to bloom in August. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Botanic Garden)

The Chicago Botanic Garden is getting ready for the big stink. His name is Spike, and the nearly 70-inch tall titan arum has been in the spotlight for weeks. Learn more about the rare plant and watch a livestream from the CBG.

A corpse flower at the Chicago Botanic Garden is set to bloom in August.

It's an exciting time for nature lovers. The world's largest flower – along with its notoriously horrible odor – is about to bloom for the first time ever in the Chicago area. Over at Montrose Beach, a rare carnivorous plant has taken root. Chicago Tonight digs deeper into these mysteries of Mother Nature.